Memory RO-The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Started by kirikin, May 02, 2007, 08:33 PM

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This is The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly...MRO style  :o
Rates as of today: 3000x/3000x/10x

The Good
NO LAG  :o The server has a small community. Most if not all the players on this server are extremely nice and willing to help you out in anyway possible. A good ammount of events which usually bare good prizes. They have a lot of costum features and scripts including custom items which they dont give out unless the user emurges victorious from a conciderably hard event.  ;D Server is gradually getting more members but still remains to be small.

The Bad
The server is small which means less pvp, guilds, and WoE combat. Server often undergoes changes which is confusing and dissapointing at times. Their website may say that their servers are always online but this is not true. The servers will go down for a while quiet often which can lead to frustration in some cases. Might lose character data and whatnot. When there isn't anybody online things can get pretty boring when it's just you and and those flesheating zombie orcs.

The Ugly
The GM staff is mostly nice but they aren't online when the bulk of the server's players is on. However, when they are they are usually willing to help out. Main thing, the server's administraitor, Colin, is corrupt and cocky. He favors some players over others, giving them items when he likes or warping them to places. He is extremely uptight. Anything said about him or the GM staff that isn't outright hailing them will get you suspended or put your account on ice completely. Kind of reminds me of the KGB  ::) Admin gets easily frustrated when asked for help when there are no GM's online. Personally I think the server admin is the heart of the server. If your admin is bad and corrupt, the server will slowly die off. Also, the admin tends to host events that favor his non admin character. Basically anything that will get him exp or a rare item he's been wanting.

However this is not the case with this server. Even with its corrupt GM and its hanous system of management, the server continues to slowly grow.
My advice is: Do not join Memory RO. It may have its upsides but the bad GMing and Admining makes all that good look like those nasty leftovers that have been sitting in your fridge since you moved in.

Th admin accused me of being a hacker. I guess he didn't figure out this is kirikin/kikuta/pioneer. And the server has been open for the past 2 months, I could get on right now if I wanted. This is varifyable proof that this admin is corrupt and using false information to try and cover up the truth and make me an enemy when I was a loyal player.
More to come.


Hey guys, GM-Orihime here. I'm a GM on MemoryRO. Kirikin is by far one of the worst members we had. He is nagging, annoying, rude, incompetent, and troublesome. Our server has not been open for 2 months. He is making up false information to make himself seem as if he is better, because I IP banned him. Colin got tired of dealing with his s*** (The Admin), so I banned him. He broke many rules, and did infact hack a account and I myself along with 10 other users have proof. If you want it, ask them all. They remember. Also, Kirikin isn't someone you would want on your RO server. Hes naggy, and always asks to be a GM. That's the bottom line, hes successfully made a mockery out of our server, and it's a disgrace he even played there. (to us). Furthermore, our GM team is always on. We have a team of 3 and we all are non-corrupt/experienced. And Kirikin is a little bickering kid, because Colin's legit can beat him in a simple PvP match. It's always the same, whenever someone looses to the Server admin, all of a sudden they are corrupt. Grow the hell up child. -_-

Otherwise, I believe he should get over it, get a life, and leave MemoryRO alone. He's banned, that's it. To rap it up, Kirikin is basically; annoying, nagging, rude, obsessive, and a liar. He was not loyal. We would ALL laugh if we heard that. Loyal is not making up lies and being rude. Get it straight.

Thank you for reading,
Dedicated Game master


Yes, I admit, I was annoying, naggy, and rude. The fact the server has been down for two months I don't believe seeing as how I only quit the server a little more than a week ago. Hacking? When did I ever hack the server??? The only time I remember the server even being hacked was when that person got on your sister or friend's (sombody's) account and you put them in the jail. Hell, I don't even know how to hack. And to go so low as to make up a story about me being sore over colin beating me in pvp? Why, please for the love of god, would I be angry that a lvl 255 that actually knows how to make a good build, beat me, a lvl 180 that basically threw his sinx together not really thinking of a good pvp build. Also, to say I wasn't loyal?? When didn't I defend the server? Remember when DJ was nagging constantly about WoE times? Who stood up for you guys? Who was the only player that finally told DJ to be quiet and leave the GM's alone?


I hope this isnt reviving a dead thread. But since I just left this place, I didnt want to make another topic about it.

What I can tell you is this, when you join the server you are basically ignored by the community, you are an outsider to the little "group" they have there. What the first post said is true, the "Admin" isnt very fit to run a server at all, he is indeed very cocky, corrupted and what not. Its very obvious if you start playing there. It was a nice server, at least it looked like it. But once you sit around seeing how much respect the Admin gets, its pretty sad. Sure he has some friends, but I think they came to the realization that if you want to be someone in the server, you have to kiss someone rump :P.

Lets talk about his staff, if you can call it that. It is an ok staff, its basically just his friends and random people. I dont mean that in a sarcastic way either. He hires random people on the spot...They are as bad as him though. Im not sure if he even wants more members xD, people who have been playing earlier have the advantage here, not just because they have gathered everything, but certain npc's were taken off, that make things for newcomers pretty painful.

Well lets talk about how they give you items for voting. If you go look on the top 200 page, and look at the last word on the site description, its a key code for an npc they have, basically you put it in, and you get a free item, and a chance to get another item. I remember once an item was a pair of wings, at 3 mil, which is easy to get.

I cant really tell you much good about here, other than the rates, everything else pretty much stinks. Oh I do have to give them some props for the site interface, but then again it might be something new Invision, or some other host developed, and not himself.

Bottom line, as the first one said, I recommend you do not play here. But then again you might be an donkey like colin and enjoy his presence :D