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Started by natsudragneel, Jul 05, 2010, 05:32 AM

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Lumina RO is like playing RO all over again but with a little bit of Buffs. You level faster, but not too fast. Totally balanced. There are some imperfections such as a****** players, but just ignore them who cares about them. I just want to play old school RO with a liitle bit of Buffs. :-D

S = highest
C = Lowest

Server Stability  A
the last server i've been is always lagging, when i transferred to lumina i was surprised to be in a server where LAG only happens when the server spikes. /heh of course there are times when it's lagging for some unknown reason, i dunno how to blame if it's my connection or Lumina. But sometimes i do forget to turn off my torrents. /heh but overall the server is alway upgrading to accomodate more people joining in. I've started in Lumina when it's population was around 300-400 As far as i remember, then constant upgrades where done. And sooner Adhelle will upgrade again to accomodate more players. so overall i give it an 8 out of 10.

GM Friendliness and availability : S
Just use @request, or just post on the forums and the GM's will reply immediately. if the GM's are out, the GM's assigned player helpers who can be proxy when they're out. so expect immediate response.

Community Friendliness : B
English is the main language here. There are alot of people, Brazillians, indians, europeans and etc. Everything's good. i seldom see people begging for stuffs, and most people i know here are disciplined to hunt for themselves. Everyone's afraid to be in trouble for cursing or such other things coz rules are strictly implemented, but of course you need screenshots. :-D

Eventfulness : S
THERE'S ALWAYS AN EVENT but it's NPC hosted, love the events Hangman, dice, poring race, green peace etc. ROFL and GM's also host events but not everyday. Some guilds also hosts event, they give away cool prices too.

Game Masters
Friendliness : S
Very professional, one serious mistake and yer out even if you're a GM and that's what i love about this game.

Availability: 9
Always on Most of the time.

Helpfulness : ?
I haven't exactly asked for help. :-D

Economy : S
Everything's cool with the economy, the cards are of course difficult to find so some of them are expensive. THe economy is stable, no overpricing or inflation atm.

Guild Competition : A
Guild events and guild competitions are already on. so more and more guilds are coming and participating.

Class Balance: S
NO RUNE KNIGHTS ETC. hehe everything is balanced. Lumina follows the same format as iRO i afaik.

Forums A
not actually a forum guy, but i do read stuffs and post comments on forums. There are of course flamings but it's easily resolved by adhelle's judgement.

Custom Features
Mining: S
quite unique, similar to RF's mining feature.

Fusor: S
Love this NPC. The effort of yer mining will come out from this man.

Hack/wpe/rPE protection: S
can't bot fck. LOL haha the server is totally secure. /pif <-- sarcastic. :-P haha


Thanks for your review, natsu!