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Started by Hisham, Jun 09, 2019, 11:19 AM

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Hello and good day RMS community. This is my first attempt to write a review on forum, usually I'm just prefer being a forum reader. Anyway, first of all, sorry for my bad english and vocabulary when I'm writing this review.

A little detail about me. I'm fairly new to Ragnarok Online itself. I started playing Ragnarok early 2015. I never experienced playing on official servers. I was attracted by this game after I saw a group of people playing high rate PVP based server on local internet cafe. I was attracted by the art of the game, 2.5D with eye-catching 3D effect (sorry idk how to describe this by words). And until today, I'm still learning and always want to learn more, thanks to RO community that encouraged me to do that.

Ok back to our topic. The server I'm about to review today is Honor RO, a low rate renewal server hosted in Singapore. This server was launch around 22 April 2019 (correct me if I'm wrong) by Mr DepTrai. I just started playing this server 3 weeks ago at the moment I'm writing this review.

HonorRO is a low rate renewal server with 25x/25x/10x rate, with costume 10% drop rate on almost all card except boss card as well as equipments. This may sounds like a high rate but let's go.

Server availbality and stability
Since I started playing the server I never experienced any crashes. Never experience long period maintenance.No info about previous server crashes before I join in. Smooth ping for asian player, since it's hosted in Singapore. Also GM DepTrai recently added proxy server for Brazillian players. With !ping command, we're able to check our in-game ping within 2 minutes.

Economy. PvM, PVP, compettition
Main currecy for low rate server is obviously zeny. In HonorRO, zeny serves as main and crucial server currency. With zeny, you can play the gacha/lottery machine for some good stuff and also with chance to obtain cash points. Also, since cards here are dropped at 10% rate except for boss protocol monster, players are able to convert their card for useful consumable, such as safe refine tickets and BSB. Also, various method available to obtain cash points, such as Ygg berry farming and daily quest and that  /ok gacha machine.

Speaking of cash points, cosmetic items and common headgear cost more than consumable. More powerful headgear comes from questing. Questing those gears are not too hard yet not too easy. The only bad thing is most of Fallen Angel Wing's and Heroic Backpack's ingredients are dropped from field/dungeon MVPs at 10% rate. As the number of player increases, this will be hard for new player to catch up. I afraid that only geared player that able to "MVP camp" just for the ingredients. I'm looking foward for Mr DepTrai to revamp this quest.

Besides, HonorRO has special feature, instance points. Players are able to gain points by completing instance,solo or party, to purchase cash consumable with instance points. 2 times of instance runs are enough to have yourself either Enriched Ori or Enrinced Elu. I see this as a positive method to encourage player to do instances as daily farming method instead of field/dungeon farming. But still, players here do field/dungeon farming for cards points.

Killing MVP also rewards you with MVP points too, works almost same as instance points, except that you can buy a nice costume big wing. Also, the points divide equally among party members, so you either party up for MVP points of solo party for your own MVP points.

As a  new server, WoE is not yet available. Everyone basically doing zeny farming to spam that  /?? gacha machine.

For PvM content, mostly levelling past level 100+ is gramps, gramps and gramps. I see no rotation on gramps, every TI gramps is on the same map (Novice training ground map), only different monster.  Just ask someone too leech you and boom! you will max in few hours. The server by the way have special PvM content such as Jurrasic Park, and more costume PvM content will be implemented soon.

I didn't have any issue with everyone so far. Most of player here, especially new players that joined after me have either lack or no renewal experience at all, but they know how to asked for guide, help, and even leech politely. Basically everyone here behave either well or normal.

Population is small, I can say average plus minus 10 active player. They have commitment in real life too so it's hard to see everyone online at the same time.

Even everyone is online, it's hard to team up for instance party. Instead, they only team up just for field/dungeon MVP hunting. This is due to the item requirement for FAW/HBP quest.

Game Master
Our player have no complain with GM DepTrai so far. He mostly available through Discord. A little slow respond from him, because he's a working man. Besides, he do all this coding thing by himself, but the community are able to tolerate with him. We do respect him. Even his English is not fluent just like me, he never use bad language when communicating with us. Also, he always mentioned that we're his inspiration to maintain and grow this server.  /lv  /kis

My only complain is only lots of bug. However DepTrai do listen to our suggestions and complains, but he needs time to implement and/or fix stuff. Please revamp FAW and HBP quest. Mr DepTrai also need development team to assist him. That's all  /no1

Overall conclusion
1. No pay2win element, you either donate just to spam gacha machine or farm zeny for it. But farming is worth more than donation.
2. Honor RO basically a farming based server, but once the population is growing, PvP scene will be active. GM DepTrai also planned to make costume PvP content such as Battle Royale Mode (PUBG like) and Matchmaking Ranking mode (like Dota 2 maybe)  /gg
3. Only geared player will dominate field MvP just to farm FAW and HBP ingredient. Better fix this quest. /sob. Yet he's still not listening to my suggestion.
4. Bugs Bugs Bugs. Someone please help DepTrai with his coding. /wah

There's no perfect server, but this server have lots of potential since the first day I joined. Follow official content, just slow implementation. I just hope that this server grow up like the other server.

Once again, sorry for my bad English and review making. I tried my best to express my opinion for this server that personally awesome for me.