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Started by Malfis, Jun 15, 2009, 03:12 PM

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Server name : LimitRO

Game Master : Lai

Ok my english not very good but still pls read how GM Lai  trick players.

Server with cool players , but here suck's play becouse this server main GM allways trick players.

1. Trick.

Server was online for years i think , players donated money for mvp's card and much more, and what Lai did? Deleted

All accounts and didint pay back money for those witch play a lot of money to this little donkey...So

Lai like bank , when bank broke all money geos to bank. So and what Lai sayd? Nothing , he sayd sorry it's his mistake.

and such things was with another two times.

So Lai dont have job? He homo ? He living by those who Donate money? Yes.

For him money at first place , he ignores his own server players till he need favorite , as Vote or Donate after that he can say " SHUT

THE f*** UP "  He worst Game Master , becouse making s*** as VIPE ,yeah so it's cost 100$++ per month to make server online?

Wow LAI u big snitcher, im sad there are no Admins who can shut down server for tricking ppl for geting more money ...

U think he don't make that? Why ? he Rob people.. forced those ppl make Donate 10~40 EUROS...

Here my story.

Few day's ago. Lai made @autoloot only for Premium Account witch cost 40$ , he stupid?

HE wanna like make ppl Donate for his server then he again ignore them.

Like im at game called him Homo for rob ppl with such things as Donate only for @autoloot, afther his such stupid idea.

Few players left his stupid server.  So i called him Homo ( person who don't have money to stay Online server ) ( most of people do it

them self and they get donate for good leadership and they sell not so OP things for less money then another server )

So when i called him homo , he dicited get our from dark and BAnned my account without warm , banned for  7 days.

Ok ok i know that i sayd homo , but why ban ? Normal GM's only warp on Jailed .

Secon band was when i told this server suck's becouse @autoloot only for Premium (40$) and i told another server name

Then he banned that acc for all time.. He stupid? Yes he pretend be a GOD , he allways right and can judge all players and ban.

Ok afther two bans i dicited leave his server.

He goted in chat and sayd " U realy gonna do it? "  im " Yes i will leave this server "  he " Wait me for few min "

I didin't know what he mean but he Banned my IP adress for nothing.. oh no for that becouse im leaving his server, i didint even say

good bey for many ppl, So he Game Master? no , he GOD he knows all things , i only can spit on him , nothing new..

So here the point , if u wanna play , and rick be banned for nothing or tricked VOting for his server for nothing or DOnate money and

wait when he make ANOTHER WIPE when he told it's last one ,when he the same s*** talked when he made First , Secon,Thirth WIPE

so u gonna be rick WIPED all ur item and Donate item and Vote item and lisen how he say only Sorry , then play again and the same

nothing... Now read anothers players post about him.. they know him better becouse most of them was Donaters..

Lai likes money  , but hey dude don't lie to us .

Oh fck that Lai deleted all commens from rewie of his server, ahahahah , i yesterday readed few and i will say u one thing..

There was one guy who play like 1,5 years or longer donated ower 150$ money and geted WIPE and Lai told him only " Sorry "

That guy helped Lai , not only with money but with sussport ...

OK there are another player witch was in main city , and sited almost near  Lai and that player told Lai Hellow , and Lai told him " STFU   


SO it's look's like GM's spit on players event they DOnate for him, why  such respected server as Rate My Server  sussport his server?

Im at ur way DELET his server from list becouse he husler, he wanna be A GOD and spit on us.. Didin't RMS have rules for Private

Ragnarok servers? Why u need such bad reputasion noob in RMS ? he LIE , HE ROB People he trick as with VOTING.

And when he get what he wanna he talk RUDE with players or just Ignore even they need Sussport from him...

I think Lai worst GM at RMS history sad there are no way's how to shut down his server for robbing account , how? he forced Donate

by bagging or makin s*** as ( @autoloot only for Premium (40$) or voting ( premium acc 2.4 voits and u can vote in 6 servers )

Omg he wanna More Player , he wanna more money , he wanna Show this server for another ppl , but he Talk Rude with players and

trick them. Im 100% pure that 3rth WIPE didin't was last one, he will WIPE again when nobody DOnate  , when they got everything,

It's his plan , when he see when don't get money for donating ,he WIPE and waiting when again those players Donate or anothers for

such item witch be again WIPED and WIPED till he got many money , or he will close server becouse he's homo, he dont got a job

im sure 100% if RMS got hard Rules for Private RO servers they will remove Limit RO from list.

here u can see his stupid server , he yesterday deleted all post from those ppl who pay for him and waste time and money for nothing


Oh god, not this again.

Not for nothing, Malfis, but we already know about Lai. :(


ur cute picture :)

I didin't wanted search topic, i just wanted share story witch happen few days ago :)  and i think RMS can remove Lai server from list :)

Becouse hes attitude bad and he forced us to vote :(


@autoloot is available for all players.

About the wipe, and it's wasn't even with purpose.
I compensated all who donated to our server with Donation Credits, those who still wanted them.

I worked on RO for over 2 years now.
Did some stupid things, (there are topic about it, altho pretty old, but yea proud of it most viewed in RMS forums :P),
and learnt from them.

And now, LimitRO is mid rate with max level 99/70, now running for like 2.5weeks now.
Things goes pretty smooth.
I don't really want to get into this kind of drama again.

I don't think I did anything wrong this time.
I banned this player for 2 reasons:
IP banned for:

*Advertising another server openly on our forums, you even admit it.
Our rule says:
Do not advertise other servers
LimitRO players enjoy their server and do not care for other servers. Trying to take them away is not tolerated
Punishment for advertising is a permanent ban and an IP ban.

*You keep insulting other players, using "homo, gay" even me infront of my face.

PS. you were banned several times for the reason: Calm down, since you use alot of words in your text,
F*** homo etc on our forums and ingame.
I gave you several warnings.
Even in this post, you are full of F words.

LimitRO do not have Over Powerful donation items.
We only offer Premium Account, which is additional @commands and some NPC service.
Those who read this, can goto and judge from there.

Oh, and you can even vote for items, I do believe most servers have that service,
I can't see any reason why it's a trick.


You're already unbalancing the game--not with overpowered donations, but making some services only available by spending real world money. Everytime you say you're "just" and "keeping the balanced feel", everyone who hasn't lived under a rock for the past two years KNOWS thats another lol-worthy lie to fall past the cash registers ringing inside your head.

Your reputation is pretty awesome--where some Admins are popular for being tremendous and hosting powerhouse servers, you're the "Worlds Worst" poster boy when it comes to Admins. You pretend to take suggestions (which is an improvement from your ' NO NO  NO NO NO! .....NO!!!' temper tantrums you used to hold with some illogical rubbish tossed in for 'verification'), you make rash decisions (banning the Philippines on your old server), and a bunch of other sprinkles to shake over the Sundae that is your disaster-RO "career".

Are you proud to see your name slandered again on RMS? Even when you've come around and "changed yours ways" post-wipe? I'm not sure you can do a thing to save yourself anymore Lai, people aren't going to go get dental work by a dentist who has rotting teeth himself. Reputations stick, no matter how many times you "change face and rates" :P


QuotePlease become Premium, as the only way to support our server!

You sound like as if the only way the server would stay up is if people donate. IMO, you shouldn't put up a server if you are dependent on donations. And even though I've never played your server, there's way too much negativity around you on RMS that would literally tell me "Wow, f*** this server"

You always reply as if you banned people with a legitimate reason, but based on 95% (Possibly 100%) of the reviews, you ban people for saying anything that you dislike. As server Admin, you should be able to at least handle criticism, insults, and suggestions. If you can't even take crap from your players, how are you going to survive the real world? Lets say you somehow manage to make your own game and it's fun and people stay, but with the way you are handling your players and masking yourself in RMS, its just going to scare everyone away.

I'm still surprised that you have so a good amount of support in your server (or so I think). You should take advantage of that and actually try to be a polite Admin. Just take criticism, if it gets out of hand simply warn or jail them, don't ban them unless they did something that affects the server negatively and not YOU. A server shouldn't be about what the Admin wants, but about how the community feels like the server should be, but also keeping the balance of game play. Banning someone for calling you "homo" isn't really something to ban for, warn, mute, or jail them. If they repeat it after all those warnings, then you can ban them if the COMMUNITY keeps complaining about him/her.


Always the same...over and over again.
QuoteWhatever floats your boat.


Quote from: Loki on Jun 15, 2009, 08:04 PM
Always the same...over and over again.


I'm genuinely surprised that anyone would play a server associated with the infamous jackarse that is Lai. I guess some people have a higher tolerance for s***.

ETA: Thank you Malfis. :3


Lai , u played RO over for 2 Years as a shemale Admin and didin learn nothing?

First Forum and ING are diferent things, u can ban me from Forum becouse i did it in forum not in game. so dont Lie Lai.

Second nobody say's about gay or f*** things same as u told ,

Thirth i sayd HOMO on u one time ,second time i sayd as sample u snitching donkey.

Don't show ur self now as good boy , i know u worst GM , u even't DELETED and block MAKE REWIEW on ur server RMS info,  why ? Becouse ppl hate for ur work

Yeah now autoloot works becouse u was  such stupid running over money like  those 2+ Years, Learn be a GM , then make a server where some ppl will respect u for ur work.

I think better go play at Aethena Test server, there  u can be GOD as u wanna, ban whatever wanna ,talk with ur porings , and be snitcher as well, im sure in future u will

think some s*** about wier things inplant in premium accoun't becouse u broke with money, finde a job

And what u saying warning? First time when i called u HOMO , u didin't say nothing u banned, Second time when i did say in game only Cat-RO  u banned for all time, and last time

when i was leaving server u banned my IP , and only then u saw at forum thread witch u banned IP from forum , hey dude u like weed? yes u like , Forum account dosin't have

nothing with ING , didint know? or u just didin't read? If u such inbisal so pls add " If u do something as forum i will BAN UR RO IP "   and second thing u didin't warning me ,

Never , oh except Chill out , it's several time?


I played Limit-RO last year in January and it's because of Lai that I ended up leaving that server and eventually working on JustRO.  To make someone go from a player to an owner, he must be pretty bad.


All it takes is a little searching on RMS(seriously, very little searching) to see numerous topics about Lai and his antics. I believe there was a funny review by You/Patapon of his server where Lai begged him not to post a review on RMS.


Proper ue of image? YAY!

TL;DR  8 year old mouths off.  Gets punished.  Mouths off more.  Punished more.  8 year old comes here.  8 year old QQ's.

@OP:  He doesn't have to give you anything back.  You freely gave him money, he rewarded you with pixels.  You bought nothing.  i.e. Donations.
Quote from: Temjin on Feb 16, 2010, 12:07 PM
You are a f*** idiot. Why you even bother to post here, I will never know. It is BEYOND ME.


After the wipe, people left. It's that simple. But I guess I used to like this server, then it suddenly came to me... Lai does take advantage of people who can care less about money... The server reeks of favoritism.



Lai is a douchebag. End of story. His primary goal of staying in the business is purely for money, similar to Scars, except that Lai is a poor version of Scars.

Any server that has Lai in it should be avoided at all cost. His servers are a waste of internet bandwidth.



The next user to Necro-post is getting Warned. End of story.

Use common sense on dates, it's really NOT that hard of a thing to do.

Locking this.