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Started by Jaded Honor, Aug 19, 2009, 04:37 PM

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Jaded Honor

I played Lightside Legends for two years as a Crusader-turned-High Wizzard. And for the first year that I was there, it was wonderful. I saw an economy at work, price fluctuation, and merchants compensating. I think this was due to the fact that there was a @shopsearch (or @ss) command, that made shopping for that new Staff of Piercing (Or whatever) simple.

The Rates (at 13x exp and 5x drops) were, decent. Almost everyone had Trans-multis though, witch, although it was expected at those rates, it made it almost impossible to tell who someone's main was. Indeed, most people often made a slave priest/bard witch they would duel client with.

WOE on Lightside was epic. Sure, you had the E-fisting champ runner's, but the large population ment that there were some memorable offenses, and crushing defenses when holding the emp-room.

However, as with all good things, they must come to an end, sometimes violently, sometimes over time. It might all is going normal, next you hear, things, from other players. Might be a passing comment in payon about tales of corruption, from a GM's to a donor. Next might be a wedding, in witch a GM and Lord Knight talk like business partners.

Of course, once you settle into a server, you cant just pick up and leave.  So you stay and try to ignore all of it. And soon your doing well, and you forget all about it. Then suddenly, six months later, you come to the relisation that none of your old buddys are on anymore. All the "Pro" players have stoped singing in to there LLRO accounts. And then you find out that they have all been mysteriously "Banned" and all of them got on a donators wrong side......

But, I think I'm turning this into too much of a personal example, forgive me.

What can I say now?

Community? What's left of the "Lighside", 10/10. For all of the "WOE Legends" 4/10
Game Masters? Sad story that they all tuned into busnessmen, and the only normal one had to leave.
Game-Play? If you get your hands on a few million to compete with the donors/SBK nubs it will be genuinely fun, otherwise you will feel ( In the words of my old guild master) "like you live under communist rule."

Don't believe me? after all, I am just one person. If you have time, Go under the LLRO listing of RMS, and read the reviews of the last few months. Not just the first page, as most people do.

Now, there's a space below this post where you can reply to this review, but remember, its just a review. Just because I was unhappy with my time on LLRO dosen`t mean that I`m criticizing your time there. If you want to say/bash me with something positive from Lightside, by all means, write a review of them, it's what Rate-my-server is for.

Head Monocle of DOOM

I used to play there. Never liked the GM's they all magically appeared out of nowhere when there was a wedding and vanished just as quickly. I searched Every single town one day for them and never found them then suddenly boom there they are in Jawaii proceeding to do a wedding then everyone hailed down high level offensive spells and I was blown away (for kicks they made Jawaii a PVP area at the end of the wedding). And poof the GM's are gone.

I do love the way the review is worded though and I <3 your last paragraph.

Proof or it didn't happen.
All server reviews are based on a reviewers experience.
This is how negative server reviews work.
Eddy, carrots are good for your eyes, can it dial a phone.


Go to payon little south from spawn point. Use to be there. LLRO fell from what it use to be this is on par. With the other stuff that happened, alot of the good players have left. Some have come back I heard not enough to make me want to fully go back. Somehow my IP ban is lifted there.
Quote from: CuTeBoi on Sep 04, 2009, 02:24 PM
  Will the donors complain? maybe, but they aren't what run my network, I run it, and so does my blood and sweat.


I used to play there, but that was a very long while back. It was before the MvPs were free-for-all. One of the guys there kept KSing my party on MvPs and with all the proof I had, I managed to jail him. But for some reason I was jailed too and well the odd part was that he was a donator. I also heard that he complained about getting jailed and me not so then all of a sudden I got jailed, even some of the GMs did not understand why I got jailed but I did. Once a fun server, now just like any other corrupt one out there.


Good review, pretty much sums up what I experienced when the server went down the drain with their lame Staff recruiting... although I am surprised about the whole "GM sharing to a Donor" tidbit since I left way before then.

How sad...


I agree...I remember Lightside way before when they were under clownphobia...that was pretty good


are you talking about 2004?

Believe me, I miss those days, I had a lot more free time then to be able to handle more onhands.

At this time, give us another chance as I'm working on getting a blade server to open up more types of RO servers with more types of rates to pick from.  We are currently working on a super high rate with beyond 99 base levels, and redoing all the NPCs.  This should be up by the 15th of september (2009 if this becomes an archive).  There isn't much we can do but add on to the network.  I've been noticing new servers getting a lot of people, and I'm trying something new.  Forget just having the same static setup of people with all the equips and all the levels already, why not cleaned/wiped servers to start on.

Legacy server was opened for this reason, it's wiped, it's new, but a complete duplicate in terms of setup to Legend.  Voyage(SHR) is a duplicate in terms of quests to Saga (HR), but there is a HUGE twist to our NPCs... something worth checking out when the server is opened  up to the public.  We don't add too many custom items, because that's what peeves a lot of players off, it's nice eye candy for a while, but when people seem to get sick of it.  It's somewhat balanced (in terms of custom items), and I think the only unbalanced "donor" item is the legendary helm, which I may be blocking from usage in PVP/WOE if time permits me.  Will the donors complain? maybe, but they aren't what run my network, I run it, and so does my blood and sweat.

Peace out, have a good labour day weekend, and if you were Guild active, please review the guild alliance chat that is coming up, and posted on my Legend->General forums. (I wont post a link here, because I think it would be considered hot linking for advertisements.

Thanks for letting me read your input Jaded, I like some constructive... opinions.


Quote from: CuTeBoi on Sep 04, 2009, 02:24 PM
  Will the donors complain? maybe, but they aren't what run my network, I run it, and so does my blood and sweat.

i laughed ima siggy that
Quote from: CuTeBoi on Sep 04, 2009, 02:24 PM
  Will the donors complain? maybe, but they aren't what run my network, I run it, and so does my blood and sweat.