SuperHighRate server [PyRo]

Started by GodOfViolence, Sep 10, 2009, 01:44 PM

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The PyRo server is a really nice Super High Rate server imo!
I've seen other servers that run based on Hamachi and weren't up 24/7 beacause of that, but PyRo runs smooth 24/7!
Despite not having a lot of people on the server (would be awesome if there were more!)
they are all very nice and friendly towards new ppl! They gave me a nice welcome ^^

On my first day I won the hide & seek event 2 out of 3 times,
so i got to know one of the GMs a little and he was really nice too.
And he took his time listen to actually listen to me.

Also, the Server Owner (i think) or well, the main GM was really nice too,
He had a lot of patience with my questions and problems and completly answered all my questions,
I think this is pretty rare!!   Hard to find such good GMs.
As well as GMs that do this many Events!  They make it lots of fun to be on the server.
Thank you, Pyro GMs !  ^^

Farming ono PyRo is pretty easy, but then again, there are quest where you have to farm
for quite a long time,  so it pretty much evens out, which i think is a great thing.

As far as Guild Competition goes, sadly we don't have that many people on the server, so it's a bit
hard to really compete as a Guild since there aren't a lot of ppl per guild.
But there is definately competition :)
Considering Balance,  the jobs are pretty much all even, but of course like almost all other
servers that let players donate: Donors have the advantage.

All-in-all, this is one of the best servers i've played on.
That's prolly because i like super high rates with really high and exaggerated numbers.
so if you're like me, you should check it out ! ;)

Just a side note, I'm german like most of the server, but I still wrote my review in english
since most germans can understand english, but most english can't understand german.

Thank you for your time! :)