Started by Nightlinks, Sep 04, 2009, 12:51 AM

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So, I've been playing CharmRO for about a good week or so. I know, not a huge length of time but these are simply my first impressions of the server overall.

Alright, here we go, starting with:

Gameplay: Ah, the most important category for me. In CharmRO, the max level is increased to 170, but the rates are realatively low at 60x/60x. Thus, leveling with Non-Trans is cake to 99 but once you hit 80+ Trans things start to slow down a bit. I almost found it frusturating to level my Whitesmith above 100. Although it's meant to be a challenge, leveling solo to 170 Trans is going to be a hard time. However, this is where the bonus PartyXP comes in, you will get more XP (I'm not sure of the exact rate) for killing a monster both you and your party member(s) have damaged. So, tearing through Sphinx F5 with your buddies is actually worthwile at higher levels. I haven't tried it, but I assume Nameless/Abbey would be great XP as well. Score: 7.5/10

Community: Freaking awesome! I met some really great people in CharmRO within my first couple days of playing. They hooked me up with some basic gears, and enough zeny to mammo my Merchant to Blacksmith and beyond. After I got to Whitesmith, I had players who already had their own Whitesmiths (Presumeably higher level) come up to me and politely ask if I could forge equipment for them. When I asked why they just didn't use their own for convenience's sake, they replied that they wanted to give my Whitesmith a chance to get on the blacksmith board. Wow, that's awesome. Everyone on the server is just generally amazing and friendly. Score: 10/10

Game Masters: Another stellar category, all the GM's on the server are friendly and helpful. Luna is a great lead and will often be logged in, talking to players and hosting an event. The hosted events are generally really fun, but there is also a few automated events that go on, so that's always nice if you're up late at night with your friends. SoulSlice and Loki are great support/event/whatever they do GM's and they're both fair and fun to talk to and hang out with. The only real problem I've ever seen with the GM's is is that they are often AFK at times. Score: 9/10

Economy: Eh, not so great. The server is realtively new, yeah, but there are still very few vendors (if any at all) selling their wares. I mean, the most recent one I saw was selling Pharcon at 1k zeny. So either everyone is hoarding the items, or the economy hasn't got a chance to pick up yet. Either way, we'll see. Score: 3/10
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Thanks for the honest review. :) Btw, we just started a series of forum events, you should participate. =3


Thanks, and when I have more time I will surely do so.

I've got no time for RO right now. :<
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