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So my initial review was removed for being too vague, apparently. I just didn't want to repeat what everyone else had already said about stability and other obvious aspects of the game.

QuoteIf you have a problem with one area of the server and not the other, giving every category a low score is being unreasonable and thus lead to the deletion of your review.  For those categories that were not mentioned by your review content we could only assume they are fine and deserve a better score.

So here we go. A full review on LiberationRO.

Server Ratings

Stability: When hovering over the question mark when reviewing a server, RMS also includes freeze rate in this category. The server is often up (despite the late-hour lag which I describe in the next section). The main issue with the server's stability is its awful client. First of all, the main client is absolute rubbish. Presumably, staff couldn't ever figure out how to allow dual clienting with their main patcher's client. As a "solution" the staff included some gibberish-named hexed client that allows dual clienting WOULD NOT RUN GAMEGUARD UPON LOADING. This COMPLETELY defeats the purpose of even purchasing GameGuard for a server. Additionally, and this has happened about 7 times to me within my month's stay, the hexed client's .exe file would randomly disappear from my LiberationRO folder. I had to keep extra copies on my computer to replace it when this happened. I wasn't the only one who had this issue, either. It had been reported multiple times but it was never addressed, like the dual clienting issue. However, this doesn't address the freeze rate. These issues are definitely worth mentioning, and this section seems most appropriate to capitalize on it. Most irritating problem with the client is that it would randomly freeze. As a multi-clienter, this was EXTREMELY inconvenient in maps/instances that you cannot easily return to, such as the end of Nidhoggr's Nest or Devil's Square. I generally kept three-five clients running at all times, and often two or three of them would randomly freeze up (often during tense situations, of course!). It's an absolute joke. If you can't even figure out how to modify your client to allow dual clienting, don't even bother running a server. You're lacking the technical skills that are required. (lolRightRO :D) 3/10.
Availability: Initially, this was not an issue in the daytime. I live in California, as a perspective. There were not too many disconnects during these times. However, it was at night (and daily) that the server was incredibly unstable. When gaming into the late hours of the night, as I often do, I would disconnect multiple times due to what is presumably overload from DDoS attacks (as it definitely didn't feel like normal lag, everybody else would disconnect as well, and the server didn't necessarily crash but disconnect us repeatedly). The one thing I will say is that there were not too many maintenance down times (due to lack of updates, which I will address later in this review). I'll give Liberation a 4/10 rating here because the second these disconnects start, I'd have to say "screw it" and go to bed.

Community Ratings

Friendliness: Friendliness was definitely lacking here. I can't exactly accuse the management of this issue, though. Often times, when running a server, this is left to chance. I'm a very sturdy player, and I don't care too much about other players being a******, as I'll usually respond with, "haeuhaeuhe". A few of my guild mates got harassed by one of the leaders of another guild multiple times. If it was bad enough for them to bring it up to me, it's bad enough for me to take it into account on this review. While I wasn't the nicest player in the world, either, I feel it's necessary to state that I'm a nice guy who tries to help until rubbed the wrong way. I generally kept to myself and my guild on this server. I will also state here that the forums have always been absolutely dead, especially recently. After stalking the forums the past few days, there have been only two new posts since this Monday. No new topics. 3/10 here.

Eventfulness: Very bad. During my month stay since the opening, I have been online for only TWO GM-hosted events. I'm sorry, but that's absolutely pathetic. The first event was a dropping of Gold Coins (the event currency, here) all over a map with Thief Bugs. This lasted about five minutes. The second event was the spawning of a few New Years monsters in Moscovia Dungeon lv. 1 (because Russia has a lot to do with the Lunar New Year?). One Nidhoggr's Shadow was spawned during this event. All monsters were spawned at the same time. This event lasted 7 minutes. Many players asked the admin, Megumi, to spawn some more monsters because this was a very quick and half-assed event. His response was something along the lines of "im not spawning more thats op". Hell, I would have been happy with a Kiel D-01. This server was boring as hell at this point, and killing ANYTHING with the amped-up pressure of an event would have been nice. There is also an on-going Lottery event, where Megumi will roll two dice to choose two numbers. If a player on the forums posted those two numbers in the same sequence, they would get a mediocre hat. Nobody participated for fun. They just wanted free crap. Also I think it's appropriate to discuss their system of auto-events. It's an absolute joke. The auto-events run all day, repeatedly. There is almost always one happening. Each win of an auto-event would grant 2-10 Special Event Tickets. Most events distribute 2 Special Event Tickets with the exception of the Disguise event. I have 95 WPM so I have no trouble getting 7-10 tickets from this event, and when nobody else was participating (which often happened), it was 10/10. It was the only event that gave out a reasonable amount of tickets. To describe the value of Special Event Tickets, 20 of them are used to create Gold Coins, which are used for actually useful items. At the start of the server, it cost 25. 50 Gold Coins were required for Sunglasses [1]. Well-Chewed Pencil cost 75 (umwat?) at first, and were reduced to 50 after multiple complaints. So as a result, these two hats required 1000 Special Exchange Tickets. You'll probably have to attend over 250 auto-events in order to obtain any of these hats, with the current rewards and conversion rates. That's absolutely retarded when these events are infinitely boring. There was only ONE way to obtain many Gold Coins at once, and I'll describe that in an issue with the staff later. Definitely 2/10 and I'm being generous.

This will be continued on the next post...



Game Master Ratings

Friendliness: Oh boy, this is it. This is what makes this server a complete waste of your time. The management. Where to begin... I'll start with the assistants (sub-GMs? I don't even know what they're supposed to be called or what their purpose is...). There's about a 35% chance one of them is online. They don't seem to really do that much or be too involved with server development, after inquiring multiple times about some future updates. However, half of them are okay. I didn't have the most extensive contact with them, so I can't really be a judge. I didn't really have an issue either, besides a couple of them teaming up with Megumi all the time and not contributing anything. GM SloMo, who was I believe our developer (y'know, the one who couldn't figure out how to allow dual clienting? Yeah! That one!), was not online that much. That's okay. He's a developer, and developers tend to work behind the scenes. As such he wasn't heavily involved in the poor rating of this category. GM Amethy (spelling?) was MIA, and I never talked to him/her.

Unfortunately, this puts the admin, Megumi, front and center, which forces this category to be 95% about him. Honestly, admins need to lay low. They have far too much control, access, and power to be such involved public figures (especially the types of admin who allow themselves to see private chat, such as guild chat or PMs). Megumi is absolutely incompetent, inexperienced, and terrible at managing players. Ah, yes. I think I'll review Megumi's performance in story format!

During the first week, he was okay. I thought that he didn't really have his priorities with management straight, as there were a lot of unimplemented things that really should have been developed or even decided prior to opening, such as headgear quests, proper web, loading screen, and patcher development, and advertisement investments (I mean, come on. It looks like the presentation of this server was done in Paint, and you guys didn't even do the CP design yourself. None of it is cohesive, and it's all hard to look at and think you're taking this seriously... But this is only relevant in a FIRST review). I thought he had good intentions despite being a stick-in-the-mud. However things took a real turn for the worse. Being a stick-in-the-mud rapidly evolved into being a stick-up-the-donkey. With no new content, people wanted more. Many suggestions were made in the forums, and very few of them were actually implemented. A lot of these were good suggestions and they were very popular, such as adding Battlegrounds 2.0 rounds (we only had Rush and Conquest, and these got old very quickly as 3 vs. 3 GVG isn't really fun) or fixing a lot of the griefing and abuse issues with the Devil's Square event.

This is the event that I was talking about, earlier, being the most reasonable way to access Gold Coins. The Devil's Square event, as many of you know, spawns a ton of monsters in a small area on a secluded map. The monsters spawned were difficult things such as Bow Guardians, Retributions, Salamanders, Kasas, Sword Guardians, and Anubis. This event gave out 10 Gold Coins. However, there was an issue. This event had a maximum capacity of 10 players (often leading to leeching for Gold Coins and griefing by filling up the room before a guild can get their whole party in). One main issue is that this event required about 8-10 characters and an hour and a half to complete. With a very low population, this makes the event near impossible without dual clienting (as dual clienting is against the rules, but apparently not automatically enforced through an NPC's IP restriction capabilities... Incompetent!). The suggestion proposed that the 100 potential Gold Coins were distributed evenly between players in the event (in order to reduce the abuse of dual clienting and promote real team play), and that the event would be a party-registered instance instead of a public event, in order to remove the ability to grief. Megumi rejected this suggestion, stating "100 GC prize is way too Op ." Megumi misunderstood the suggestion with his failing English (which was more often than not inconvenient for trying to communicate). The prize was already 100 Gold Coins. I brought this up in the shoutbox. I said something along the lines of "Why the hell was that topic closed and moved to rejected? It was a good suggestion that fixes a lot of issues with DS (Devil's Square)." His response was something rude like, "i know a bad suggestion when i see it and that suggestion was bad." I argued that the suggestion forum should be a place of debate (which never truly happened while I was there; no thread ever made it to the debate stage before being hastily rejected or approved). Megumi's response, to the biggest (and most competitively viable) guild there? Leader of 21 different members? This server's only real asset? Something like "i'm not making you play here ." W-WHAT?! SERIOUSLY? Who says s*** like that? What the hell kind of admin thinks he can get away with that? At this point I was livid. I pointed out that that's probably not the best thing to say to the largest guild's leader, and that the server will likely die were we to leave (as the population was already stagnant and small). I reloaded the forum page to check the shoutbox. Got this:

At this point I was cracking up. Unreasonably forum banning the largest guild's leader was the first step to this server's self-destruction. Reason code: "Stupid". It's good to know that Megumi can really take criticism on his management style like an adult. (Note: If you want to see the actual logs of the shoutbox chat, I had a guild member take screenshots of it. I can upload them in the future, if requested. I just don't have them on my computer, yet.)

A couple days later, I log on in the afternoon. I'm in Prontera, and 8 of my guildmates were online and in a line. I sit in front of them and start idle chatter and all that guildmate trolling that we do to each other out of affection for each other. Nothing unwanted here. I notice another player is getting banned. He is pleading in Prontera to unban an account. He starts insulting me and I lightly insult him back. Nothing really out of the ordinary, just a normal trollish "ur ugly aehuiaheiae" or something. I don't even know what this guy looks like. He disconnects. He logs onto another alternate character exclaiming "what was that for?", and that character disappears as well. This continues for awhile. We'd had problems before. In fact, I hated this guy. He sucks, and he makes playing on the same server a much lower quality. But I never really cared about anything enough to report him. It couldn't have been bad enough for an IP permaban, could it? So he disappears. He stops logging into all of his characters. This was something I noticed without really bringing up in the chatter to my guild. So we just continued talking. Nothing out of the ordinary. The topic was penis, as it usually is in Prontera on any server ever. Megumi broadcasts "last warning". My guild had no idea what he was talking about. He never told any of us we were breaking any rule in town, and never distinguished who he was talking to. This was the response and result.

The "last warning" broadcast is one or two lines above the chat box. I had only said those two lines before getting banned. Nothing else. ummwat? Today, I still have no clue what I got banned for when I was just joking around with nothing offensive or really disrespectful, especially between "last warning" and the ban. Even if I made minor offenses before, nothing justifies banning someone for doing nothing against the rules after saying "last warning".

I wasn't online, obviously, to see what everyone was saying. Everything from this point on was learned second-hand. About three of my guild members retaliated. They knew this was the end of the server, and there was no point in playing on LiberationRO without a guild leader or competition. Two of them started quietly dropping their valuable equipment. I had one of them log onto my Paladin to drop my Combat Knife in town. Wasn't doing me any good. IP banned. The other member (Hiro), who had NEVER said anything EVER, publicly started dropping his valuable DD High Wizard items. Banned. 85% of our members quit after hearing about this, or witnessing it. A few other witnesses quit as well, and asked where we were going to move to since they didn't want to play there anymore, either.

Now, I brought up that some admins allow themselves to see private chat channels. This would be the ONLY reasonable explanation as to why I was banned. In guild chat (WHICH SHOULD REMAIN PRIVATE AND NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS TY), I was discussing with my guild about what server to move to, because I was really unhappy with Megumi's performance, the population size, and the lack of competition. I have heavily criticizing these things in the guild channel, as the rest of us were. We were talking about new homes and telling each other about other midrates, and moving there while only WoEing on Liberation and nothing else. If Megumi read any of it, of course he has a right to be angry. But no right to take action for what's said privately, without being reported by an uncomfortable recipient (as there weren't any).

I don't know who Megumi thinks he is, but this isn't how you manage a server. bestadmin2k13. 1/10.

Availability: Megumi was on somewhat often later at night. He was often AFK, though, but he would check the shoutbox every couple of hours if you needed support. As an American, he wasn't online too often when I really needed his support. I already mentioned everything else about availability in the friendliness section, to justify the review revolving around Megumi. 5/10 here because their activity wasn't awful but it wasn't good either for the western world.
Helpfulness: I'll address my experiences with Megumi (as he's the only one I can really review, as described earlier) chronologically. The custom headgear quests. Normally, I'd be patient about this if they were real quests with separate NPCs and small story-lines. Unfortunately, Megumi has no excuse for this. The NPC used for custom quests was a crappily made all-in-one NPC. It's also worth mentioning that a large portion of these hats have ridiculous requirements, and/or weren't researched properly. Autumn Leaves took 50 Feather of Angel. Yes. Feather of Angel. The god-item material. Why leaves require feathers, don't ask me, but that's some brilliant planning. When really trying to push Megumi to release quests and contribute ideas for popular hats that were in high demand, he blew me off. With an NPC constructed so simply, it's so easy to make a quest it's not even funny. Only one of these popular hats was implemented, Well-Chewed Pencil, for the initial insane requirement of 75 Gold Coins, as I mentioned earlier. Additional Battlegrounds 2.0 matches were never implemented. Decisions were hastily made regarding implementation of the Graveyard system. After applying for the guild package (and other guilds had received their pack somewhat promptly), I eventually got a bit bored of waiting. I believe it was a week and a half before the ban that I applied for the guild package. We never received it. He often did not reply to any of my PMs. I noticed he ignored people frequently in the shoutbox on the forums. My other guild members had the same problems. There was an instance I witnessed in the shoutbox where one of the assistants was addressing a player who misunderstood the reason why @mi marc states that the card drops a .01%. It's because there are two Marcs. The normal one, who dropped the card at .5%, and the quest one, who does not get modified by rates unless configured to. The assistant thought the drop rate was .01% too. Helpers of any kind need to have more intuitive and problem solving abilities, along with general Ragnarok knowledge, in order to correctly do their job. This is just a brief example. 2/10, and only because Megumi responded to my PMs for the first week (although without doing anything in a timely manner).

Game-Play Ratings

Economy: Absolutely no economy. Only once did I ever find someone making a reasonable trade deal. It was the only trade I ever made, within one month. There are about 15 venders online at all times, all of which host rubbish items that nobody wants. The only things in demand were Special Event Tickets and Gold Coins, because nobody wanted to do all those stupid events. 2/10, rightfully.

Guild Competition: Now that my guild is gone? None. All that's left is a single pinoy guild that is 50% Assassin Crosses, 50% Champions. WoE never even started on this server. Don't bother, you'll find more competition on RMS' test server. 1/10.

Class Balance: Mostly Champions. Readily available and large amounts of potions were obtainable from the Battlegrounds for use in the PVP arena. You only had to do a few rounds of BG to get enough supplies to make this server's PVP scene ChampRO. Snipers and Champions were really all I ever saw here, outside of my guild (as I REQUIRED high class diversity). 2/10.

TOTAL RATING: 25/100!!


There you go. My review of LiberationRO. Oh, and thanks for reporting my review, Megumi. Now that I really gave myself the chance to sit down and write down all of the displeasure I had playing this server, I can really justify all the low ratings. In fact, this review has lower total ratings than the initial brief review.

Biggest disappointment of a server in my 9 years of Ragnarok. AND I PLAYED EUPHRO 1.0 TIL ITS MELTDOWN. ):



Quote from: Reality on Feb 13, 2013, 05:02 PMAutumn Leaves took 50 Feather of Angel. Yes. Feather of Angel. The god-item material. Why leaves require feathers, don't ask me, but that's some brilliant planning.
Holy lol.

Phenomenal work, very well written.  You covered almost every angle I could think of along with a personal story of terrible administration.  Hopefully your group finds a better server soon.


Quote from: RoseTea on Feb 13, 2013, 05:27 PM
Holy lol.

Phenomenal work, very well written.  You covered almost every angle I could think of along with a personal story of terrible administration.  Hopefully your group finds a better server soon.

Thank you. I didn't realize how long this review was until I posted it... Suddenly, 2000 characters seems like a lot less than it did before.

I'm currently working on developing a new midrate. There are really no good options for us, and there is a huge empty void in the midrate market. So, I think it's worth a try to fix that. This time, unlike my last midrate I managed, I think I might abandon having a staff character (whether it has commands or not). It just causes too much damned trouble if I really want to play the server I've worked so hard to build. ): Unfortunately, all of this turmoil has left my guild in a state of limbo, as we have nothing to do for the next month before the new server releases. If we join another server, we'll have to just quit a month later. But waiting for the new server means we do nothing in the meantime. We're still trying to figure something out for now...

And the best part about the Feather of Angel thing was that WoE hasn't even started. So the quest was literally impossible.

Also, I just double checked. According to the forums, I'm misled about the Feather of Angel requirement. It's actually 400 of them.



P.S. I made the mistake of not addressing this in my review - I think it's worth mentioning that this server is now suffering. I checked the population last night through the control panel. It was a total of 35. So I perused the contents of the "Who's Online" function. There were 15 venders connected. Down to 20. Five were alternative slave characters to the same guy. Now 15. More were characters that I recognized as alts, or staff. This brought the population down to a realistic 10 unique players. Yikes.


Wow, I'm glad that I didn't download this server while I was looking for a server to play on. If there's ONE thing that really bothers me, is a bad GM. It bothers me even more if it's the admin himself that's bad.

I'll definitly check your server out once it launches, because, as you said, there aren't many MRs worth trying.

Very good review. Good luck to you and your guildmates.

And so you killed yourself,
but you killed everyone else around you too.


Quote from: Tom~ on Feb 13, 2013, 05:46 PM
Wow, I'm glad that I didn't download this server while I was looking for a server to play on. If there's ONE thing that really bothers me, is a bad GM. It bothers me even more if it's the admin himself that's bad.

I'll definitly check your server out once it launches, because, as you said, there aren't many MRs worth trying.

Very good review. Good luck to you and your guildmates.

Oops, I didn't mean to bring it up for advertisement, since that's against the rules! That's why I left the server's name anonymous.


Thanks. I hope that we as a guild can stick together through this.



For a fact, they use a crap gameguard which basically block NOTHING. (Not gonna lie, some people use NDL ROmedic, AHK and none of them got ban. Just sayin')
They have 2 different control panel. (What? the?) head over: and
You might wonder what kind of gameguard is it. It's this:
^ I'm telling the truth, in fact, Megumi said the day after the server open, s/he admits that she put the wrong GRF. (She put basically a nodelay for sniper.) Resulting that most of the first 20 players that hit max lvl is snipers. (hu hu hu, they got 20 Safe Refine Ticket per person, which megumi tried to put them in donation shop (I don't remember how much is it) after the opening event). It leads to a surprisingly good argument, yet resulting one of our guildies got perma ban, and they removed it from the shop.


You said warning? Oh. I remember, was it that @kamib "Last Warning"? we all asked, what's about the warning. Nope. No answer. (Explaination is on the OP post btw)

Quoted exactly from the topic above
3. Only use English on #main. [Penalty Mute/Jail]
I'm sorry, do you have a screenshot of us talking in another language on #main? If you do, please provide it.

6. Do NOT use obscene names. You are responsible for the meaning of the names you choose. [Penalty Jail/Ban]
Same goes here. I don't see anyone using a bad name. (Except MySQL, for using almost same guild name. Original name: no u. He made a guild: no me)

You can say we are "Carebears" but we are just implementing our rules.
Implementing? I thought you IMPLEMENTED these rules ages ago. You mean, "enforcing" them.

25. Do not use any obscene language on #main or use any racist remarks. [Warning/Mute/Penalty Jail/Ban]
Sorry. The others started it. None of our guild mates using racist stuff. (I kinda think that you make public chat and #main is the same thing. fyi, it's different)

+1 to whatever reality posted. All of those is true anyway.

Need to add something into this review.

-Guild Package
   -There was 2 guild applying for gpack, the other one got deleted because yet, we got banned. Shouldn't they just leave them there? lol
   -It's almost a week, no reply from the GM. Hi megumi. You know you should review those gpacks by now. Oh wait, nvm you deleted ours lol.
-Newbie Package.
   -It was introduced on the last forum, before it messed up. Megumi claimed to be a fatal error.
   -Manually approved, which making it harder to get. (lol yes, there was about 15 topics, the OP didn't get their freebies and such)

^Sorry for a little rant.

Vote 4 Points system.

It's a total disaster. Why? Take a look at this: Lmao, You see on the bottom right, it says "PsycheRO". Yep, even tho they released this kind of v4p, the admin should take a look at those stuff before implement them.

Btw, I think this happened almost 48 hours ago? Before the banning happen, they have about 50 players on. Let's take a look right now.
(oops, sorry megumi, it's at 13) Basically since the largest guild banned, they literally full of vendors anyway.

Why is it a disaster v2: The item you get from voting is not tradeable, and it's OP as hell. (Hi LBH Def, LBH ATK)

(I forgot this: The admin him/herself doesn't know when to use capitalization) Check forum url for more info)


I think that should, in itself, say how badly done the server was despite having a Beta Phase.

And like Saiku said, he messed up with the client and added an animation delay for Sniper, similar to nodelay.

Quote8. Do NOT spam chats or skills in towns. It's annoying to everyone. [Penalty Mute/Jail]
Erm. We were all sitting in town, chatting. Chatting, not spamming. Chatting. Unless it's suddenly against to rules to talk with fellow players, we haven't broken this rule.

All my other qualms have already been dealt with in the original post + saiku's post.

Best of luck to LiberationRO and their 2-3 players! ^_^


Quote6. Do NOT use obscene names. You are responsible for the meaning of the names you choose. [Penalty Jail/Ban]

I think this was mentioned in regards to "HUMPY THE BR QUEEN". His name was changed to "Humpy". ...Honestly, I thought "Humpy" was more offensive than "THE BR QUEEN". For all you may know, he might be actually Brazilian.

Apparently, directly attacking or impersonating a single player is funny, but HUMPY THE BR QUEEN isn't.


Thanks for reminding me about the reused content. I'm sure one of us has a screen shot to prove it, but the first time anybody got a voting headgear, the broadcast said something identical to, "_______ has received a Gentleman's Pipe for voting! Thank you for supporting CombatRO!" The development procedure on this server has been anything but thorough and diligent.



Also, lol at this:

that copy and paste imo. I suppose you're not supposed to do that? lmao

About that Reality Is Gay character, as you can see that was Megumi. Since s/he is the only one who's on and the Helper is afk. (We know who made it anyway)


I made that account "Reaity is gay" hahaha. LOL at Reality so guys what server we gonna go to next -MySQL.


I can't wait to see Megumi's reply <3 if he even has the guts to do it. He might as well shut down the server now and save time, hah!


Its really sad how these people abuse RMS , They can troll any servers they want cause they have the numbers [10-30 members] . They Start to Suggest anything they want for their personal interest . if you disappoint them cause you reject their suggestion cause your  following the official server pattern . They will rage and start to troll you until it will end in ban fest. Then Since they have the numbers they can do 10-20 Bad Reviews , as well as reviews at forum . They can make people believed since they are association.

Hope YC is aware of this , or else people will continue doing this in the future.

Anyway im shutting down my server for good , happy now ?

Remember this God knows who's the one telling the truth.


If they're trolling/saying bad stuff/posting false evidence, then post the truth which you should have since you're claiming that they're saying lies.

They have pics supporting their claims while you not[at this present moment], just that. It's a battle of words+pics vs words and they're "winning" that by showing evidence about what they claim.

On a side-note: Some of the pics posted by them makes me[and anyone reading this] think that there is stolen content from other servers being used on this one which is kinda sad if used without authorization or asking[actually, one of them may not be but not going more into that unless needed to].

Fruit Pie~

Extreme GM overreactions to reviews ALWAYS lead to some fantastic drama. Popcorn, anyone?