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« on: Feb 07, 2013, 07:15 am »
I am currently a player on LiberationRO (“LRO”), a growing mid-rate server with a great staff and close-knit community. While the server may encounter a little problem at start, but honestly it's happen to almost every fresh server out there. The staff is actively involved in improving the server and balancing game mechanics in hopes that more players will find a home on LRO. The population between 15 and 50 players online at a given time, so if you’re looking for good people on a server that’s not too crowded, you’ll definitely like it here.

Server’s specifications:

Rates: 100x/100x/30x
Maxlevel: 99/70
Max aspd: 190
WoE: Future schedule 2x a week
PvP: There is a specific PvP map for you go-getters, and even a ranking system showing your kills/deaths!
PvP Battleground: Check (Conquest, Rush mode)
Events: They occur pretty much daily, including normal activities (Maze, Poring catching and Dice ect..) .
GM Event : Lottery every 3 days ( Prize : Official Headgear)

Other specifications:
Healer: Check.
Skill/Stat Resetters: Check.
Job Changer: Check.
Town and Dungeon Warper: Check.
Mall : Check (Normal Offical Equipment that's can be purchase anywhere in RO)
V4p Shop : Check

Custom Items: Check. The server also encourages parity among players with custom quests that allow you to obtain almost all of the available donation items (a definite plus)! The staff also constantly balances custom items, so that newer players aren’t left with the impression that veterans are OP.

I've been on the server for about a week now, and I really enjoy every aspect of it, especially the activity of the staff. Thanks for reading my review, and you'll probably be able to find me on LRO.

Server Information
Stability: 9/10.
The server never lags for me and honestly and honestly the only time server is down because they are moving to different host.
Availability: 9/10.
 The server is up 24/7 excluding weekly maintenance which only lasts about an hour and when they are moving to different host.
Friendliness: 9/10.
 The vast majority of people on LiberationRO is very friendly and willing to help out newbies. PvP is another story tho. People there will trash you no matter who you are. 
Eventfulness: 7/10
 There are daily custom automate events and Lottery Event.
Game Masters
Friendliness: 9/10.
The GMs that are on this server are really nice, they answer every question they get asked politely. They're listen to players complaint, feed back and suggestion serioiusly, they are strike to balance, modify the games to players interest rather than their own personal's RO.
Availibility: 910.
The GMs are always ingame, they reply immediately as soon as someome use @request or talk to them in main town. There are also forum GM  which answer any kind of question you had for the server in Shout Box or Thread/Topic.
Helpfulness: 10/10. The GMs are really helpful and don't treat cheaters very nicely at all
Economy: 8/10
Only items being sold/bought/traded in the server are Quest items, Boss's drop Equipment,  Normal Equipment, ingrediants and normal card (that's anyone able to farm).
Guild Competition: unavailiable
i will update as soon as WoE start.

Class Balance: 10/10. All classes are equally balanced not much to say about that
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Re: LiberationRO
« Reply #1 on: Feb 07, 2013, 08:02 am »
Minus the server info, I see this is a thin content review.  You think you have more to say other than the promoting words?