Started by anybody, Sep 22, 2007, 04:43 AM

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MAN is this server great. I've played RO for years and have never seen anything like it. First and foremost, there are over 10 Races each with unique abilities and bonus to choose from. All class' are implemented, including Taekwon -> Soul Linker/Star Gladiators, Ninja, and Gunslingers. Administrators are GREAT. They listen, and solve problems and issues almost immediately if not the next day. Color pallets number over 540. City Guards wander prontera and some of the other major cities, specialized City Themes (Prontera looks way different, so much cooler). And soon to be implemented is the server's very own skill-set: necromancy!! Yes, that's right. Summoning Undead. There's been a LOT of custom work done here. Custom Monsters. The Banker allows access to guild storage, a guild bank, and your own bank. Warper Agents warp not only to towns but Guild Castles, Dungeons, and commonly visited fields as well. Many great custom quests including the ability to gain a bezzlebub card via a quest (spelling might be off, it's the -30% cast-time card). Frequent server events, and not just boring ones where a thousand porings are spawned. Im talking server events that follow an in depth server storyline that's highly unique. Custom Monsters drop custom drops and cards with custom effects as well as grant extra EXP for easier grinding. For those of you who want low but not tediously low, or high but not too high, this server's rates are PERFECT.   Server's rates are 7x/7x/7x. The storyline takes place with the kingdom at war, (I HIGHLY recommend not entering Rachel for a while lol HUGE battle going on there) and the players actually get to take part and effect negatively, or positively, the stories outcome.

Great atmosphere. The ONLY flaw I see AT ALL on this server, is that it's fairly new (though not so new that you have to worry about how long it'll be up like you do with -brand- new servers) and so lack a "high" player-base. Thus why I'm sending word. Trust me guys: you'll f'n love this place. 0 Complaints, and anyone who knows me knows I complain a hell-lot. I seriously just can't find a complaint for this place. RO started to bore me and I was considering quitting it entirely until I found this server. Give it a shot. You'll love it, trust me.

Two Thumbs Up, 5/5 Stars, Kudos, and all that jazz.

If you do join, my name on the server is Kachiro. If you see me, I'll be happy to give you a hand with any questions you may have. I'm not a GM, I'm not a Forum MOD, and I'm not an Admin. I'm just a player who's finally found a damned server that isn't tedious grinding and WoE over and over again, or events here and there with admins that don't care or listen, or servers who's language you can't understand, or hella-bugged servers, or un-unique servers, or servers with bland color pallets, so on, so fourth.

Give KROGOTH a shot. Trust me, you will not be sorry.

register on the site, it's quick and easy. No e-mail confirmation, none of that crap. Just download the patch client if you already have the RO client into your RO directory. It'll auto-download a shortcut to your desktop, double click that, let the patcher run, close it, re-open it, log in with your username and pass you made on the website, (no _M or _F required), and start your endless, unique fun.

I really hope you all give this place a shot man. It really deserves it. Our admin works hard to make this place unique.