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KokoRO, a great server no one knows about

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Miss Lily:
I keep seeing a number of reviews comparing 1x servers, but no one mentions KokoRO, which is a shame.  It predates all of them, but there is never any drama associated with it so no one talks about it.  I created a forum account just to post a review for this server.

If there is a shortcoming for KokoRO, this is it.  They don't advertise.  At all.  As in zero, none, nada, zilch.  I inquired as to why they don't, and their response was they would prefer to prioritize features over marketing.  While I can respect that, some amount of advertisement would go a long way to improving the population.
1/10 /...

Its really small, but everyone is super friendly and knowledgeable.  I only wish it was bigger.
5/10 /sob

There are effectively no custom changes.  They disabled Icewall/Reflect on high end MVP maps and implemented same-sex marriage, but both of these are official (at least in renewal).
10/10 /ok

Their database is the best prenewal database (https://cp.kokotewa.com/resources/database) out there.  If you're not already using it, I strongly recommend you check it out - they even included a toggle to include future/unavailable content so it can be used for other servers.  Its the most transparent, and comprehensive, database out there.  My only complaint is that some of the features are hidden away in otherwise non-intuitive tooltips, which took some getting used to.  In general, if you want more information on something (be it which NPC crafts it, player craft success rates, or monster skill info), you can mouse over it or click on it and tada - more information!
11/10 /no1

They don't accept any.  The server is purely F2P and there is no way to financially support the server.  I was concerned about the server longevity at first, given that they're paying out of pocket, but this is my second year playing here and I've been very happy so far.
10/10 /ok

KokoRO doesn't have events, they focus on permanent features.  This is a miss for players who want the occasional spice to their experience, but its fair to future players.  Anyone who joins today has access to the same content as early adopters (there aren't any missed exclusive items or exp/items events).  This is perfect for me, but I understand its not for everyone.
?/10 /hmm

100% authentic.  This phrase gets used a lot, which dilutes its meaning, so let me go one step further - the KokoRO public test environment is used by eA/Herc developers to improve the accuracy of their respective emulators.  No complaints here.
10/10 /ok

The server is incredibly stable, almost to a frightening degree. Maintenance is usually < 5 minutes.
10/10 /ok

There aren't many staff members (2). They're active in Discord and will happily answer questions.  They're always calm, even when presented with opinions they disagree with.  If you scroll back far enough into the Discord history, you can even read conversations between them and Lord J and Savyon (yes, THAT Lord J and Savyon).
10/10 /ok

It's a good server. This day in age, it doesn't appeal to the private server crowd who are used to many quality of life benefits (autoloot, autotrade, etc). But for those who enjoy a more traditional, slower paced grind, It's a great server. It's worth mentioning (if OP didn't already) that the server is not your usual eAthena / rAthena / whatever emulation. You can read about that in detail on the site for anyone who is curious. The guy who runs it is a real savant / RO enthusiast. But like you mentioned, population is low, I've seen many people come and go but there does seem to be a small loyal group. Hopefully more people come aboard who want to stick around.

I can confirm it's a great server as well~

To the readers~ If you are new or returning and want to try out the server and need something snatched or brewed, feel free to message Libra/Lavia/Celine on the Koko Discord server.  /ok

Hope you enjoy your stay! Have a nice day.  /lv

Can't really comment on the server, but I will say their database is one of the cleanest I've seen and it really is a clean UI for the information provided. The admins I'm sure enjoy their project, but they honestly have a database and control panel that rivals FluxCP that has become mostly the standard (I'd honestly license it if it were available haha).

I have been a member of the kokoRo community for just over a year now and I must say that I have rarely seen people who put so much heart and soul into a project as our two admins do.
Every little problem is tackled, and for as long as it takes.

As the OP already mentioned, kokoRO has an incredibly clean database. Improvements are always being made here, which also have an effect on the flow of the game.
The server certainly owes this in part to its community. We have some very affine people in the area of programming, who are also always involved in processes.

To stay with the community: As Ralgando already mentioned, we have a very small and hard core. 1 rate and no cosmetic/skill adjustments only appeal to a small group of enthusiasts. We also don't have any events.
Accordingly, it can be difficult to get a certain item.
Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and farm yourself.
Nevertheless, it is one of the friendliest and most helpful communities I have experienced to date.
From helping out newcomers to "can you come online quickly and craft 500 blue pots for me?"

If you really want to play Ragnarok like we did in our youth, then this is the only server that really reflects that experience.


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