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KokoRO, a great server no one knows about

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This is very commonly an important thing for classic and lower rate servers because then people will just have slaves to progress them and it incentivizes solo play over group play. True it may be hard to find a group, but theres also kill turn ins for solo play too... So it's just hard to see what multiclient can bring other than just a buff slave.

I want to try this but why the heck my DL speeds for both the data.GRF and latest.zip only goes around 35~60Kbps only?! :(
PH country here @ 200Mbps with properly configured Asus AX55 router.

Is there any other mirror out there like in Mediafire or anything?

great support from Koko.
currently resolving this one.

After reviewing what Koko has done and talking to him, I can say with confidence that if you are looking at an original Aegis built server that does things pretty much by the book, KokoRO is it. I say this purely as a fan of RO (not as a server owner), Koko (the person) is what I would consider THE industry expert when it comes to RO's official-like programming and backend infrastructure. Furthermore, he is passionate about what he does and loves discussing the technical aspects of the server. Only for lack of time do I have too little time to actually play KokoRO seriously, but what I can say is that the devotion made by Koko is superb and I admire it and what he's built over time. Aegis is a much harder server to program for given its source code is raw, unlike a more refined version like Athena or Hercules. This obviously makes the server more true to form, but also much harder to develop on, yet Koko has spent a lot of time getting to know how the code works and again, if you are looking for a devoted owner/GM, this server has that offering.

If you are looking for a pure vanilla RO server (with a few very minor improvements only Koko could really know how to do), then KokoRO is a great server to check out.

Koko is a wonderful person. You're in good hands if you're playing on this server. He's extremely knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of the game, both technical and gameplay.

Can confirm, Koko is an amazing person.

This review actually made me finally give that server a try. But the lack of other players, no player stores (meaning you will need to hunt stuff yourself) and 1x rates (+ no cash shop or subscription bonuses, so it's basically harder than official servers) just make it too brutal for me personally. I needed an hour just to get out of novice grounds because it requires you to reach job level 10 (I'm sure that's official for some servers, but it's really brutal, I'd rather explore the world than being stuck in novice grounds forever).

But the amounts of work and analysis that Koko put into this is amazing. If you are not convinced because of the cheap looking website, just read his dev blog (it's linked on the website).

I will say this: When you have a group of friends and you want to experience fully vanilla RO just together as group without being bothered by bad players (or bad server owner), then it's definitely the best pick I see.

Unlike easy to use emulators like rAthena and Herc where you could just say "If you play alone anyway, just make an offline server", this kind of fully official server is very hard to set up, so playing on KokoRO is definitely a better option for the fully official experience that will save you a lot of trouble.


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