Started by Fretless, Nov 14, 2010, 06:05 PM

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 Krazy Korean RO. First off I would like to say this servers become quite a cozy home to me. kkRO is an english speaking server like many others in spite of the name. It does seem quite scary because when you first log in your not in a normal area. Usually all you have to do though is type in @main and someone will come to assist you if your confused -If your lucky someone will just come to you even if you dont need help just to give you company-.

The one biggest problem of the server is the fact that there is such a low population. Often times theres 2-3 people on with 10 being the peak. I know people dont like playing servers without population but how else would you get population unless you play there? The server is still relativly new only a month or two old and really has shown a lot of promise to me.

There are custom events almost every day and chances to win custom headgear that are not to over powered and each one is special in its own way (today there was one released that helps out archers in specific how ever it drastically reduced fire and earth resistance to compensate). Along with custom headgears there are also custom maps that will come into effect. Another plus about this server is the admin himself. He is always up for hearing suggestions if you think its to good to go to stay on the forum and if its good he just might implement it on the spot (although you wont get it for free ;D)

Anyways this server really is such a great server. It is just extremely under rated.