Just honest review on Nyro that i call home now

Started by Aehyn, Nov 25, 2016, 07:53 AM

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Hello RateMyServer community don't mind me i am just passing by and to leave my honest review on the server i play  /ok i have been playing lots of new server since September until October until i decided to just give it a quit. so for my last attempt to try on HRS i just simply googling and found this server  /omg it was quite a surprise for tho that it has a lot of modified things happen in the server. myself as beginner when i join was shock to be honest and don't know what to do. that is what i thought and sure they do not have that much population and outdated forum information but that does not stop me  /gg i still can see potential on the server for big improvement. what did i do? i start learning my way in and out for better understanding and in return what did i do? the knowledge i possessed i write it down to forum so beginner can visit and have a fair information for starter. it is fun to be honest friendly community and players that are veterans are willing to take their own time to advice anyone in need and  /no1 they give a good advice that i use to make reference guide for them. the GM are friendly and willing to listen to players concern and willing to make effort to figure out what is the problem we have in the community as straight action. no human are perfect you should know that but when they have a strong will admin that do everything alone even to update we had to be more understanding to our demand yet he still do a good job to provide player especially beginner to have better circumstances than before.

the server players majority are from Philippines , Malaysia , Singapore , Indonesia , Finland as far as i know. of course sometimes we have conflict in game and so on because this or that maybe hard to farm or is not easy to accomplish that does not mean the GM is not cooperate enough they willing to listen and also do daily event as they can we do have gm event almost daily but sometimes because of the working circumstances she cannot make time for us but we never complaint about it. we have weekly event on facebook for players to participate  /ok overall i enjoy my stay here. so how about the balance on the server? how was the item was it hard to farm? in my opinion if the item is easy to farm better not call it a hardcore play since the server even player who donates the item non-donator still can be obtain via farm and grinding so its fairly to everyone since there is no item that cant be obtain in game  /heh i join Nyro on 27 October and here i am still standing alive and happy. when we started we have community based around 50 but we keep push effort and now we had gain over 20+ player overall since almost 1 month ago there is no such thing as we wont be success as long we are determined to make the server better i am sure that people will keep coming and join us to make our community even better.

That is my honest review on the server i had made my new home  /lv
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