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Started by Melody11, Aug 23, 2012, 01:34 PM

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Hello everyone, I'd love to bring attention to a very promising midrate server, called InsomniaRO.
It is a server that was put together by unhappy players from a current dominant midrate (Which will remain nameless)

1.  Community:
When I first joined the server, I already knew a handful of players so fitting in wasn't really my issue.  So recently I've been sitting quiet just observing how others react to new players, and I am incredibly impressed.  The community here is warm and inviting, they're willing to help new players find their way and start them off on their journey.  It has a moderate player base of around 40 daily, WoE days I've seen it spike to over 80.  10/10

2.  Economy
As any new server, the economy had a rough start.  They have a few zeny sinks here and there, so it's not horrible.  It's hard to rate an economy for a new server because it's well...New.  6/10

3.  Balance
Being that this is a pre-renewal server, everything is pretty much balanced.  Anything that seems to be out of whack they get right on the situation and balance the skills.  I haven't seen an issue with anything being imbalanced.  10/10

4.  Stability / Availability
I have yet to see the server go down, or even lag for that matter.  The only downtime was during maintenance, and they're very brief as it is. 10/10

5.  Game Masters
One thing I absolutely adore about this server is the active and friendliness of the GM staff.  They're very professional, helpful, and all around good people.  Each time i've been online, I have seen at least one or two GM's on.  They have an online list posted every time you log into the game to show you which GM's are currently available.  There are also a lot of GM held Events, which is an absolute plus.  10/10

6.  Misc
The server in a nutshell is a wonderful place.  They have a lot of custom things, as well as a ton of quests and mini-games to participate in in-game.  They're constantly working hard to make sure this is and will be one of the "IT" servers in the near future.   They also offer guild packages for groups of players joining together.   This is by far one of the best mid rates i've played on in a long time, and I am glad that I get to participate to help it grow.

Join today, I promise you won't be disappointed.