Started by Soboro, Jan 05, 2008, 04:14 PM

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I decided to write a review on behalf of the new server I'm playing on, IncognitoRO.

First of all, the availability of this server. So far, it's been online 24/7 (I know this for a fact because of my unique playtimes.), lagless, and has been all around reliable in terms of being online.

The rates of this server are 25x*/25x*/5x, but the party experience is boosted by 60% for every active member. (That means online and has moved around within the past few minutes.)

The LUK stat raises the drop rate percentage.

The max levels are 255/90, which is high for a lowrate, but if you party with people you will be able to level up very quickly.

What really shines about this server, however, is the sheer amount of customization that occurs weekly. There are updates at least once a week, it seems, and the Admin/GM is available quite often. There are plenty of custom items, quests and areas to explore. Currently the GM is working on custom classes and even later than that, second rebirth classes.

Here is a list of already implemented features on this server:
-Turbo Track Racing - You earn points for competing in these, novice and expert races, solo and vs. modes. Points are awarded for completing the races.

-Challenge Mode - A numerous amount of enemies are spawned and must be killed within the time limit, the faster they are killed, the further you go and the more challenging it becomes. This is a team-based and oriented challenge.

-Alignment System - Whether good or evil, you can decide. You can receive different quests based on how evil or good you are, and stemming from these quests are also other custom quests. (Such as obtaining wings)

- Custom towns and leveling areas.

- Hundreds hair colors and clothes colors, combined with custom hairstyles.

- @commands such as @go, @duel, @mobinfo, @whodrops, etc.

- Standard Reset NPC's. Pay the NPC and get your skill and stat resets.   

This is a lower rate server however, so don't join expecting to reach the level cap within hours. The easiest way to level is getting into a party, and there has to be a good number of people online at the same time to achieve good parties.

The easiest way for me to explain how good this server is will correlate with how many people are online. The more people online on this server, the better it will become and easier it will be to level and utilize the custom aspects. The less people online, the harder it is to play on this server and level up. So spread the word and join up. (No, I'm not paid for this endorsement, and am in no way a person of authority on this server. I've played RO for around 5 years and I believe this server has the longevity that many people may be looking for.)

The RMS page for the server can be found here IncognitoRO
Contact me if you have any questions,