Ragnarok Timelines - A unique low-rate classic server made with passion!

Started by Nova, Jun 17, 2024, 04:38 PM

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This is a new server I came across recently after I took a long break from RO and it is a server that I deem worthy of making a (positive) review about.

First things first.
What instantly drew me in is the fact that it's a pre-trans server with trans content and gear(!). I don't think I've ever seen this done before, at least not in recent memory. There is also extensive customization of items, skills and maps. I'll post some examples below to show you some cool stuff.

Everyone has access to Rings (obtainable from a quest) that grant you the "Greed" skill as well as "Teleport LVL1" and "Warp Portal". Pretty comfy!

Every class has had some skill changes or reworks, some small some big.

Some HUGE buffs to weapons as you can see.

Lots of buffs and changes to maps. Monsters are THRIVING in Timelines.

Once you get into the game, you'll be met with a completely custom made Novice Training Grounds with a (sad) story. Even though I am a (big and strong) grown man, I felt a lump in my throat once I got to the end. I can't believe someone could make me feel so sad over a video game character I literally just met.

I don't want to make this super long so I'll wrap up with what I think is the strongest point of this server. And that is quality of life and abundance. As you've already seen from the screenshots I've shown above, we get a lot of strong stuff. A lot of stuff that makes things just nicer. You don't have to make multiple characters to support 1 character. Did I mention there are custom endow NPC's? And that you can buy LVL10 BLESSING and AGI scrolls? Also hello easy sustain!

And there's a lot more where that came from.
All in all, this server just feels nice to play on and I think that's something that's very important nowadays. It's 2024, we should pamper ourselves a little bit don't you think? And even though we gain a lot of power, we're still little second class jobs in a world with trans monsters and content. So there is still a challenge should you want it. Endless Tower anyone?  /ok 
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Thank you for writing this and bringing attention to this new, hidden gem of a server, Nova.
It is indeed a worthy server to call home.

What makes this server so unique, among everything you already mentioned, is the sheer thoughtfulness and maintenance of RO lore put into their custom decision making.

For example, the Novice training grounds: Historically thought of as an unimportant area by players who historically rushed through it with little to no story or thought involved.
This has been changed in Ragnarok Timelines to include some of that awesome, signature RO/Norse mythology with a backstory explaining why your character is there and what's causing you to start your journey there.
Little things like that go a long way in showing that the devs care about presenting an immersive world to their players.

I might as well paste the multi-clienting policy Ragnarok Timelines has adopted in this thread as well:
Multi Client Policy
Timelines has been designed to be as single client-friendly as possible. Bless/agi scrolls, endow NPCs, a wide range of maps for many different class and build types, empowering of additional support archetypes for parties, and additional items, are all available to aid your experience here. Still, we recognize that there are situations where running a dual client is especially helpful.
Dual clienting is allowed within reason, however, engagement of other players must be considered. This will be a judgement by Staff.

Examples of disallowed multiclient behavior
    Forming a party of only your clients on a map which has other parties present
    Using many clients simultaneously to boost leveling speed or to gain access to areas which require a specific number of party members (for example, Thanatos Tower Upper Floors)
    Multiclienting in WoE for in-castle advantage
    Using a client to grief other players during MvPing while attempting to complete the MvP fight on other characters

Examples of allowed multiclient behavior
    Transferring items between your auto trade merchant and your main account
    Using an aco or priest to warp your guild and yourself to a castle during WoE
    Using your own priest to cast bless/gloria during forging or brewing

Note that auto following has been disabled on Timelines. Bypassing this restriction shall be treated as client/packet manipulation and handled accordingly.

 /no1 Shoutout to that badass Monk named "Dream" who punches Creamy Fears square in the jaw, revived me with a yggdrasil leaf, and helped me and many others to complete a quest.
Single-client servers encourage player interaction, discourage soulless min-maxing, and properly allow support characters to find partners and parties.
Dual-client and multi-client servers are a sin against Odin.


Quote from: Nova on Jun 17, 2024, 04:38 PMit's a pre-trans server with trans content and gear

wow, I dislike trans jobs and loved classic gameplay but missed the trans monster, map & gears contents. This really look challenging and balanced and best of both world!
Amazing features! True challenge lies on beating difficult content with limited (pre-trans) classes (but with trans gears).


Very interested in this, going to give it a go. I love that it feels thought out and not just a gimmick.

Another highlight I found on the wiki, War of Emperium is changed to a single emp break per castle then it's over. Seems like it could revitalise the fun of WoE and make it work for a lower population server