Honest Review Ion Ragnarok Online [High Rate]

Started by ednis, Feb 13, 2024, 11:25 AM

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I'll try to be as precise as possible this is just my 2nd week on the server.

After playing on 4th job servers I've totally missed the action of WoE as the war on 4th job servers is dead due to over-damage. I've come across this server that only has probably 70 players who are active during War and PVP and it brings back that joy when playing and competing for fun. It is non-toxic as all players get rewarded regardless if they win or lose the war.

Basic Details:
1. Items are free, provided that they will be claimed when you join their discord server as they can only be claimed through the chat channel, 1 character per PC, per account.
2. MVP Cards are enabled, some cards are revamped and some are nerfed like GTB.
3. Custom end-game gears depending on your class, 1 end-game gear set is included along with MVP cards once the freebie is claimed.
4. Max refine is only +10 but the refine ticket available is only up to +9
5. End-game gears are farmable through MVP drops and doing some gear quests

Server Features:
Rates: Base/Job EXP = 1000, Cash shop items are dropped by MVPs Drop Rate = 2%, MVP Card drop rate = 1% - 5%, Normal Cards Drop Rate = 5% - 20%
Base Level = 200, Job level = 70
3rd job characters but maps and server settings are PRE-RENEWAL

Agility based server = 150 Agi = no delay, 130 dex = no cast
Max stat = 200

Expanded and Summoner class is available

Currencies: Zeny, Gold coin, Silver Coin, PoDs (Proof of Donation)
Zeny can be  converted into Gold coin which can be converted into PoDs

MVP spawns are RMS-based, there's no bloody branch as donated items are dropped by the MVPs

Regardless of our differences, daily PvP, and guild war events the players are not toxic as it really is a small community, players help each other out to make sure they can show their skills during PvP and Siege events

Most players are from SEA region and a few from NA

Game Masters:
There are 2 active GMs on the server the first one is the admin/owner which has all the controls on the server he is very hands-on and approachable. The other GM is an event GM which frequently organizes in-game events.

This is a high rate server, the main currency for purchasing is gold coins and PoDs, zeny is farmable through the gold room

Automated events are active, and events after siege are also frequent

War of Emperium:
Weekdays Monday - Friday, King of Emperium during Saturday and Sunday

Balanced, items are farmable, freebies are already provided and I think the purpose of the donation is just to try out other classes.


This is just a server that you can try on, the admin himself knows that people do come and go, and he is open to suggestions as long as it is balanced and will be for the greater good, totally not a pay 2-win server, the quests will not take you forever to craft other gears and you'll still enjoy the game even if you are a PvM player. The server focuses on PvP and war improvements so if you know you have the skill, you can test the server out.

If you'd like to know more about the server their RMS listing is listed below:



This is the current community at its peak players at the moment.