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Author Topic: Honest Post about Wicked RO  (Read 2298 times)

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Honest Post about Wicked RO
« on: Sep 08, 2019, 07:15 pm »
I’m a returnee in RO after around 10 years or so, and I’ve decided to find a server that I will have fun with and would not stress me out. Then I found WickedRO. Honestly, it is far from what people would say perfect or the best, but it’s good. A few points to mention
•   It is an SHR with MR – HR Rates (0.90 – Normal Cards | 0.50 – MVP Cards).
•   It is heavily customized but not to the point that it is messy to look at
•   It has no population just yet(10-15ppl) due to zero to minimal promotion of the server just yet.

Now let’s head on to the review per category which I will base on the RMS review listing criteria

Donation LevelBalanced

There are donations, yes, but it can be farmed. Zeny can be converted into Cash Points which in turn is used to buy donations. The donation equipments can also be farmed by joining Battle Grounds. Added on that if you want to donate, keep in mind that those in the donations aren’t the best set available.

Customization LevelExtensive

I for one usually don’t like extensive customizations. I had always played Low –rates – Semi Mid Rate servers. Though for this one, I’d say it’s okay. The customization of MvPs, gears and cards are somehow modified to match the rates. Meaning stronger MVPs. World Bosses that are a pain to deal with, upgraded version of different sets and equipments that would make every class worthwhile to use really did improve the game atmosphere.

Server Rating – Stability and Availability

If I’m going to put a decisive number here, I guess an 8/10 would suffice, not because the server is always down or in maintenance etc etc. I put an 8/10 due to the current situation where there are few players who are playing it.

Game Master Rating
   Friendliness
   Availability
   Helpfulness

The GM is probably one of the most hard working GM I’ve met. By experience, I know that he isn’t as good compared to other GMs in terms of modification but he do work hard to make what the general populace work. If he isn’t online, you can be sure that he is on the Test Server, doing some modification to make the server better. He also do answer your queries especially in discord. He is not bias towards players and treat them all the same.

Community Rating


Hmm, this one, I can’t give a proper review on but as far as I see, on my week of playing, the players are really helpful. The would teach you how to play in the server, where to farm, what customized gears are good and which classes to take if you want to do certain things. They wouldn’t mind staying for an hour or 2 telling you how to navigate the server and do better for yourself.


Apart from the automated events, the GM do hold events when he can. Event prices are just fancy costumes or pets which basically is for aesthetics only. Other than that, there are some old players who are willing to host their own event to share with the general populace especially if there are a lot of new players.

Game – play Rating


To start off, the server has 3 major currencies. Zeny, Wicked Coins and the Cash Points. All of which can be used for trading or buying. Despite the low population, I haven’t seen anyone overprice anything. You would be able to buy a custom weapon for like 500k zeny or even buy it off players. There is a gold room though it is limited to 5m a day thus you need to farm at fields and dungeons

Guild Competition

I would really love to see multiple guilds online. As of now, there are no full guilds around. There is a guild pack you can easily get by just being in a guild as well as the referral system which offers great rewards

Class Balance

This one is quite hard to explain. I guess it is fairly balanced. The only downside is that Neutral element attacks aren’t strong for pvp due to the availability of neutral mant, hence Asura Champ and MR Pally wouldn’t be as effective as on other servers. In lieu of this, there are 1 3rd class skills given to every class that they are able to battle without solely relying on those 2 specific skills

I could talk on and on about the server but I implore you to try the server out. It might not be the best but I assure you that it is good.


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Re: Honest Post about Wicked RO
« Reply #1 on: Sep 12, 2019, 05:53 pm »
Again thank you for writing this review!  /lv /kis