Hype-RO review

Started by ShAdOwxZ, Oct 21, 2007, 08:38 PM

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Ok let me start off with the server itself.

Server is stable except when there's too much activity like too many mobs or spell spamming it will lag for albeit. Max ASPD is 198 mind you.
It's pretty much 24/7 online so nothing much to elaborate here.

Ah... the COMMUNITY...

Hours ago, i just joined the server. Saw the easy experience rate and drop rates as well as decent GMs, so i decided to try it out at least. To my dismay, i just left not too long ago.
Why you may question. It's because when you asked a GM a "stupid" question like "where did thanatos warped to when i summoned it in the MVP room". He/she replied "It's here".
I kept on questioning but he/she chose to ignore me instead.

Next reason is that... when you are max lvl you would wanna try out the PVP arena right? Guess what when you enter... You see a "nice" SinX by the name of whatever let me quote icyyyyy first. What he does is,
cloaks, runs up to you and cast sonic blow and you see 900k damage flying out per hit.

Why he did that? It's cause when he and the others (yes there's other players in there at the same time) were new to the server, he got treated like this too! Ridiculous excuse to come up with is it not?

Enough of trolling. Let's move on to the Classes etc.

The classes here are way too UNBALANCED. SinX and sniper are overpowered with the 198aspd. They can get you pinned down and thats it for you.

Speaking about WoE... I only see ONE i repeat, ONE guild having the whole territory of prontera. So is there any guild competition? Figure it out yourselves. :)

Ok, I'm gonna end here hope you guys get a rough idea on what this server is all about. "Killing newcomer noobs just cause i was treated this way in the past! WOOT!"

Server's website: http://hype-ro.com/


I totally agree with you. I joined Hype RO about 2 months ago, and couldn't stand it.

The classes: Unbalanced
The GM's: Unfriendly and unsympathetic
The People: Have you noticed how none of them speak to you? Its like your not even alive.

I could go on and on....Not to tarnish the server's reputation, because its not HORRIBLE, but its pretty damn bad. I wouldn't reccomend it, but...To each his own. The whole instant-trans class is a little odd too XP


I know a few people from niktout who started hype-Ro and knowing what they were like in PVP on there i wouldnt ever
bother playing on that server :P

They are egotistic power hungry players so yeah i wouldnt bother with Hype-Ro.