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Started by vesper, Jul 18, 2024, 09:55 PM

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I played this server for around 3–4 weeks, almost a month. I spent 4–8 hours every day.
I had some bad experiences, and GM's act was very disappointing.
so I'd like to write a review and explain what happened.

Server info
-Renewal server
-4th job implemented
-no recent instance implemented at all (like OGH hard mode)
-The custom dungeon is updated so that players can get cash through it
-Opened 2 Month ago
-around 3~5 players

My experiences.

1.GM doesn't know how to play renewal at all.
This was a critical part for me.
His update was only focusing on his own custom dungeon and greedy cash item development.

There were certain ways to farm cash, but it takes ridiculous time to get something. For example, you'll need to farm cash (fishing) for 20 days to get a single costume and another 20 days to get a costume enchantment.
Don't you like it? Pay the money! Players did not like the pricing, but he didn't listen to the players comments.

Players wanted official contents to be updated, but GM did not know what he was missing, so every time I and others had to explain the contents every single time. I helped him a lot by giving feedback and telling him what direction to go. I also provided many guides for players so that people could adapt to the server.

It was weird situation- He didn't play renewal RO at all, but didn't try to make a single character and try to understand what players feel discomfort. It was really hard to make him understand why "this" is needed and why "that' is required for players.

2. GM, try to nerf and slow down everything.

Once, I told him that I can make 3M zeny from a single instance run, which takes 5 minutes.
For those who don't know renewal mechanics, it is a common dungeon named "Sarah's Memory," and I bet that most people who play renewal mechanics know this dungeon; you can farm zeny easily in the dungeon.
It was not exploitive at all.
When he heard this, he nerfed the dungeon income directly.

Another thing was that I was farming at the custom dungeon, and I asked GM if monster population could be increased. He asked me how I feel about the dungeon, so I told him that I was enjoying the dungeon.

He didn't like how I was farming, so after few minutes he nerfed the dungeon income so that I could not farm well, like inserting strong monster to kill me, reducing drop rate, increasing HP.

It was funny situation because I was only one person playing at that moment(except GM) and he could not endure just 1 person was happy.

I was so infuriated because he treated me like some kind of test subject- like I don't feel anything about the nerf. I quitted and removed all the guides I made- I was trying to contribute the server as much as possible and that treatment was what I got. and then this happened...

3. GM made rumor of me and told other players after I left.

My friend on the server told me after I left.
GM told people wondering what happened to me that I was banned from the server
because I created +12 endgame gear set when GM saw me. So he had to ban me.

It is really not a mature act at all.

I did not make +12 endgame gear because GM was slowing down everything (honestly, it'll take like a half year to get those set in the server) and also because it was embarassing that he doesn't explain what happened actually, but making this kind of childish rumor.

Overall, although I tried to enjoy the server, it ended up with really horrible experiences.
I never had bad feeling for GM but now I genuinely hate GM.