Great for starting new! [IntRO server]

Started by skreb14, Jul 12, 2011, 01:08 AM

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For all those who want a new and exciting server you should really try this server!
it has the best automated events that occurs every 3 hours...

events like:

wack a poring: in which u will have to kill as much porings as you can in a given amount of time and every poring drops a certain item called Poring Coins which is used to get some cool random headgears!

disguise event: in here, an npc will simultaneously change its appearance to any monster in the RO world, and you will just have to speak out loud the name of that specific monster, every correct answer u get, u will recieve poring coins!

last man standing event: in here you will have to battle it out with some other people (PvP). and the last man standing will be the victor, thus recieving some prizes also

trivia event: here, and npc will ask you different random questions in the RO universe, and you will have to guess what it is, either a MONSTER, an ITEM, or anything!

and there are much much more!!

aside from these automated events, there are also some COOL events that the GM's are hosting every now and then, so ... yea, the GM's are very very active to help out and give entertainment to EVERYONE.

This server has a really great and ballanced community, it only needs more people now!

HOPE to see you there!!

~S m i l e s~