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Started by Gryphin, Jul 18, 2007, 07:34 PM

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I rated the server with a 100 on the website and will explain why
I will go with the standards
Server rating
Stability: Pefect never did the server go down or crach,not even for a 30seconds not even when we fought 5000orc.Also i never even FELT THE SLIGHTEST LAG,not even a pinch or a peny or a kikiki(refer to the urban dictionnary in order to know what it means)

Avaibility:24/7 7/7 so perfect!
Community Rating

Friendliness: Friendly,yes we do help each other(the only badass in there is me soo @_@!)BUT we like/LOVE to provoke each other like
Gryphin: Hey,your lvling method is so slow im already 97 ,i will ra** you in woe
Sophrieth: Do i care,mind your own business idiot.

Eventfulness: We have what GM01 calls Activities to distract us when we are all tired from lvling,Events are the big ones,invasions and
pvp + the woe!
Game Master Rating
The game master is perfect,there is only ONE his name is GM01 and he is an alchemist with Geek glasses...
He is always ON if not in his Office(in-game) then on the chat or forums
He knows what he does,we have password protected guildbases(Not WOE castles but rooms where we can put special npc's like free healers and free warper via winning Hero pvp events ) "A long long long fight"
Game-Play Rating
Economy: A versatile and stabile economy,even tough the server is new(15days old today).Our few merchants sell the items at a reasonable price I.E Garm claw,200k-Ring_ 400k,Orc lady card 600k
And if you decide to sell your ED card at 10M no one will buy it since the GM tells us at what price we should buy our stuff.(Refer to the raise economy topic

Competition: Even tough the first woe will only happen in 9days.We can observe and deduce some facts:
Usualy,the first guild who joins is the strongest(they already have 3transes of different clases hunter,HW,HP lvl 83 who just killed a gloom under night
Nope in this server GM01 dosen t let that happen,by introducing the mercenary style of players (ME ME ME HIRE ME FOR 400K CHEAP?!:D) Yep,new guilds can hire mercenaries for WoE,the trades are done via him and a powerfull guild will have to pay more in order to get them,while if you mercenary talk it out with your employer,you just did an illegal trade.You can do it as long as you don t get catched,if you do double the zeny you gained is reduced from your account :)!!
Those litle features are what give a chance to EVERYONE :D!

Class balance: No customs,like they made it in RO.Also AFK HOMUns farmers cannot do that here,it seems there s an idle var that kicks you out after 2minutes of innactivity and to be able to play with a custom script you have to pm the GM,or else you get punished :/
You can t get dual client  leech,classes who are hard to lvlup will be still hard to lvl :)also not much Slaves or Linkers.
No reset for transes,and for the others you have to request a reset to the GM,after he looks at your stats he decided to reset you or not(and i didn t get a reset <_<)
We love it like that,it IS a 10x with no death penalty but it won t grow as the other servers(Fro(LINKS AND SLAVES),paper(Slave whores)etc)
Also to keep it fun after lvl99/70
The PvP point system :) :) :) You get to trade your pvp points,earned by killing in pvp at conditions(not same guild ,lvl restriction etc..)
for prizes :D !!! it s well tought actualy.
Second,parties are fun and rewarding here,you won t feel the share exp loss so much,the oposite,you feel as if it helped you get your lvls.

Picture of our odin party :)


Hi gryph  :D
As you can see players have formed LONG LONG THerm parties whose job goes from lvling to gear dropping and it s actualy very efficient because of the bonuses

Yep this server is about team work and skill.on both resolutions defense and offense,save your friends they will save you.
The first woe wil only start in one week but im sure it will be an intense one because we developed the nescesary team work for a GOOD woe :D
so join while he still gives a lvling weapon(card + lvl1wep depending on class)


Lancer here, at least, thats what I'm called on Transcend RO, Burning[LR] Server. Were close to our first WoE date now, and were a little bummed that only a few people have joined the server. I'm a member of a group called Zen, one of the two major guilds on this server. Thats a few of us, along with our wonderfull GM01, the creator of the server.

You may notice the person with an Aura, thats Soph, one of the current strongest Characters on the server.

I've been playing roughly four days and as you can see by my level, while it is low rate, it's not impossible to level up. Our GM's are active, there are only two at the moment, and they create wonderful events. Thats where I got my Fin helm. ^.^ We also have something that most servers dont. INVASIONS! Monsters attack our towns from time to time as part of events. Great fun really, and we get to take out MvP's while were at it.

Current rates are 15x/15x/10x and we have a great time, we just want a bigger family on our server. So go ahead and join us on Transcend RO, Burning[LR] Server. We wont bite, thats the monsters job. :P


New server, very interesting. low population as of now. first woe starting next week.
So far the community is very very friendly.
=P i just started so we'll have to see how it goes~


We need more girls

New from the first test woe take a look :)