German Midrate: commROnity

Started by Naoto, Jul 26, 2007, 12:40 PM

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Hi Folks :)

First off, two things. The first is, that commROnity is actually a german Server, so if you're fluence in the german language, you most likely want to play on commROnity. Why? Because it provides one of the largest german (swiss, austrian) playerbases and also it's one of the oldest german Servers (tough it's name has changed). Buf even if you're "just" speaking english, it won't hurt to try to play anyway. All NPCs, Quest are also available in the english language, most players are able to communicate with you, as do the GMs. The latter thing is, that, tough if a server with a base-xp over 150x is concidered a high-rate, I, and they, concider and treat it as a midrate server.

  • The rates are 200x/200x/100x, baselevel is 200x, job is 71 (for rebirth-classes).
  • The Max. ATKSPD is 193, which is also very midrate-like.
  • The Card-Drops are about 1%, MvP-Cards 0,5% and Mini-Boss 0,75% which also suites well rather for a midrate than for a highrate, doesn't it?
I, personaly, would describe this server as well balanced, since they got a very neat balancing-team which overviews the classes and adjusts them to maintain a fast-paced euRO/iRO/kRO-Like gameplay in WoE. Since your max Baselevel is 200, you just can max out two stats (200) and one to about 90, therefore you actually need to think about Builds for your class. Also there aren't such items as Kaho's Horns which gives you greater stats nor they got any donate-item which makes you overpowered (acutally they DON'T got ANY donate-stuff :) ). Also this would be a very nice time to join in, since they wiped for about a month, so you don't need to worry to encounter someone with best equip and godlikes. Their last wipe has been over a year in the past so their is no need to worry to be afraid of another wipe in the next two years or so (since they've huglely starched the server-balance with updates for the last wipe).

I, for myself, haven't ever been in trouble with any GM nor I ever 've seen that they treat someone not fair. As for I know, there are three Admins, one is a very skilled Person in editing the Source-Code, he has implemented features like:

  • A Subclass-System: If you reached maxlevel with your character, you're able to choose another class for it. You can switch your character between two classes. They are absolutely independet to each other, meaning you don't got their classes abilities at the same time. It's rather like a 2nd char, you can stat, skill, dye and equip him independet to your mainclass. The advantage: More characters with your unique nickname, more characters per account, more characters per guild, you don't need to re-organize your party if you want to switch classes and an advanced tactical usage in WoE.
  • A Partysearch-System: You can use the commands !lookingforgroup or !lookingformore to search parties or more members.
  • An Alliance-Chat: You're able to communicate with your alliance (assumed your guild got some) in a seperated chatmode, via !ally <text>
Another one matches very well with the maintanace of the whole server, hardware, software and stuff, making ronity (that's how you commonly call commronity) providing great stability and availability to us players. He also is able to get everything out of the NPC-Script-Language, he can literaly pull the bunny out of the wizard-hat, I'm astonished every time for new when he scripts stuff like a soccer-event (it play very well :D) and stuff like that and also the subclass-system has been based on npc-scripts before (it's hardcoded now).

And the third of them works near to the community, making sure that the players are treated nice (anyway, you shouldn't annony him too hard) and also plays well with server-software, script-languages etc. pp. He supports their team with a huge experience in GMish-issues. They and their team matches well and if I would ever award a GM-Team, than it would be theirs.

I also would like to mention their events. If you ARE interrested in a Story, and DO understand german you WILL LOVE the events. It's all about a story of a snowflake-boy which starts his journey to midgard. Their event-team does a fulltime-job to provide us with qualitative events.

Im sure I forgot some features, but if you try and register, you'll find out soon :)

Ah and before I forget: although their website is you've to register an account via Otherwhise you won't be able to play. If you got any questions, you'll be nicely supported in their irc-channel for sure. Just check the WebIRC-Module on their site or visit /server -j #ronity

This is my very 1st review and also english isn't a native language of mine, so if there are any missunderstandings, just write it down, i'll answer them.