GenocideRO player review

Started by KodaiTheRoflcopter, Aug 14, 2007, 09:45 PM

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Server Description
This is a Super High Rate server with around 100 custom items. There are around 280+ Pets and the catch rate is always 100%. The community is growing so why not join the fun =D There are prizes for being on the top 3 in the PVP ladder and there is now a good reason to WoE. Come join and you'll find out. 

  Base Exp:  600000x
  Job Exp:  600000x 
  Drop Rate:  600000x 
  Max stat:  999
  Max Base Level:  999
  Max Job Level:  255
  Max Base Level (Adv):  999
  Max Job Level (Adv):  255

  Skill Resetter   
  Stat Resetter   
  Job Changer   
  Platinum Skill NPC   
  Town Warper   
  Dungeon Warper   
  War of Emperium   
  Marriage System   
  Same-Sex Marriage   
  Adoption System   
  MVP Arena   
  PvP Ladder   
  Gold Room

Player Review:

So far the community of this server is small and often pretty quiet, various players do talk in which that? a very good thing o.o; The GM's so far are extremely nice even though I know them on a personal note. Events and randomness is always about and most of the time they're always open for questions :3 even a large portion of active players, including myself is always open to help.

WoE is slowly advancing, as more people join currently only Protera's guilds are open but that'll depend on how large it grows.

Already there have been some complaints about class balance, but this server did just start. This server's mall has "EVERYTHING" so really knowing your class, and experimentation is an extreme key and plays a heavy roll for success in this server. Although customs do play a large support in stats and etc, really your card build is over that. And well, grinding in the gold room is just 30mins at a time for a custom, even less, so everything is basically easy to get. Obviously some classes will be overpowered but that? really how well you're prepared to counter em, and how well their card build is. In any case everything is easy to get :3 so that leaves a large opening to be community active :D (yay talking >_>). But the development of skills in PvP is on the suggestions of the community. This server wouldn't let anything rule over everything. As another complaint already due to backsliding, it has been given to every class. So now running >_>; is even :3. In simple terms, it's based on your card build o:

So hopefully in some case this review has left to open some curiosity to try this new server.