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Started by Tazz, Apr 02, 2021, 05:25 PM

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I have seen posts about Ragna0 and I would like to share my experience, so it can serves as an "alert" to new players.

The staff lately has been trying to get a new population, through a new streamer or offering you to have equipment that you had on other servers. (In fact, before entering the experience itself, see at a glance how they solve problems. Imagine the reaction of current active players (no more than 15) when they knew that new players will be able to join the server with endgame equipment, and there is no guarantee that there was not a photoshop montage.)

If you intend to be a streamer or participate as a player, I advise you to not do so.

1) The server already had a population of 1200 players, but after successive primary errors the population was reduced to 10. I swear, this is not an exaggeration, it was something that really happened.

2) The admin Hades was a fake profile of a GM well known to the community, Lai. Do a quick search on this same forum and see its reputation for incompetence and corruption. The moment it was revealed, the "admin" Hades simply disappeared from the face of the earth and there was a massive drop of the player base.

3) The management of the community was horrible. One of the CMs was a boy who pretended to be a girl for no reason (he was hetero). First of all, I have a great respect for any gender and sexuality, but the point here is that from the beginning there was already a great distrust on the part of the community, in addition to constant episodes of emotional instability and aggression against players for mistakes made by staff (such as events with primary failures that could be easily exploited).

4) The community was one of the most toxic i have ever seen. There was no sense of friendship and everyone explored the bugs as best they could instead of reporting them. The guilds acted as if they were gangs and veteran players showed no concern to welcome the new ones. One guild in particular was one of those responsible for making the life of the whole community hell, and when the staff decided to ban them it was too late (they had already made 3 entire guilds abandon the game).

5) The developers (who were actually basically one, Minato, the "new admin" replacing "Hades"), were good people, but unfortunately did not demonstrate the competence to implement the new content. Many things came with bugs and took a long time to fix. The server is proposed to be a private version of the official KROZero, but the team showed an obsession with releasing new patches not caring about the quality of these. Compared to other servers, the patches were too fast and errors were accumulated.

6) Decisions were made on impulse. If older players felt bored, the staff would speed up even more the release of content (even if it was full of errors); if new ones started to leave the server, the staff would offer features that broke the harmony of the server (such as easy acquisition of equipment and consumables). Things were unbalanced, the moment you got used to the "ecosystem", they changed the rules and with each change players left the server due to dissatisfaction and unpredictability.

7) I had the terrible experience of making a donation of an exact amount to buy an item at the cash-shop and find that the price of all items had been increased without any notification about it.

8 ) One of the mottos of the server was that it would never be p2w and would never accept RMT. The server today openly accepts RMT, and not only that, the GM encourages it. The curious thing is that an entire guild was banned for doing RMT and in less than a week the practice was changed from illegal to legal: none of the members was accepted again. That's the "rule insecurity" level of the server.

9) A player who made videos, tutorials and helped newbies (without charging anything, without any contract) received as a gift an amount to buy a new computer (he was facing a hard time because Covid). After making (fair) criticisms against the server, GM Lai requested a refund from PayPal and left his balance negative, with a huge debt, making his account practically useless (if you consider the exchange rate between dollar and currencies of poor countries, every dollar is a fortune). Lai also said he was not a "charity center" and after sending offenses and humiliative messages to the guy he deleted all (but players printed). I never saw anything that low in my life.

I honestly don't have the strength to add prints, conversations, posts, etc. I am writing more as an alert, and all I am willing to offer are these words.
If you feel like I'm telling the truth, then thank you for the vote of confidence, but if not, feel free to play on the server.

If by a miracle Ragna0 (which was aesir and now is lif) gets a new population, I am absolutely sure they will find a new way to destroy everything as they have done twice. Do not invest your time, you will regret it.

I say this even with some sadness, because I know that some of them are not bad people, and maybe they depend on Ragna0, but unfortunately the team does not have enough competence to lead a server seriously.


well, i'm that guy on point 9 lol.
And yeah, i can confirm everything with SS. even the transactions on paypal and my current debt because of that.
don't trust Lai, he have a more than well deserved spot in the hall of shame.


wew i hope you can recover Maedren
weird how last 3 reviews here are all about lai - old limit server, new limit 4th job server, and now the fake ragna 0
such a greedy person
for all i know he had lots of vip members in the original limit server and to be vip member you have to had donate 3k usd
i made friend with one of the addict donators there he said he spent like 30k usd all in all over the years
now old limit server is slowly imploding too coz he's suddenly making it into a pk server

I hope more people read reviews and kill the hype of his servers

sounds good to here that his servers are receiving karma tho
i guess just a matter of time before his new 4th job server becomes toxic and buggy
he made the most toxic players from original limit server gms there
and those ppl are bug abusers and toxic trash talkers
that still lose even with their impossible quips from lai haha

haha on 6 he is also doing it to old limit server now
you guys can lurk around the old limit discord and see the mess haha

8 thats a weird and unique part of Lai's server the legality of RMT
tbh i liked it before just i managed to sell all my stuff before I called him out on all of his bs
but maybe it is really better to have no rmt coz it attracts greedy and scammy people

if you guys doubt this review
then read this too its from the same server owner and my personal experience

but imo if you are out to make money with private ro servers, want to abuse bugs, want to be toxic
lai's servers are the best for you
go chummy up with the toxic guilds so you get some immunity from punishments
and from my experience even if you abuse bugs many times or scam people
lai will unban you
this will be good for ro community for all toxics and abusers to abuse one another in lai's servers :D