Started by Sanhe, Mar 09, 2021, 12:29 AM

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             Ever since I've started playing in GatheringRO in mid 2017, the server's population has been quite low compared to the others I've played in. However, that did not stop it from being one of the places I felt at home the most. The community here is something else; they beat each other senseless in WoE but are best friends during out-of-WoE hours. The players treat new faces like they're angels sent from heaven because honestly, that's what this server needs right now, more people.

             Let me give you a quick rundown on the perks of this server:

  • High Rate BLvL 250/JLvl 120
  • WoE Core and Rewards
  • Pro Hunter Quests
  • Daily Quests
  • World Bosses
  • Legendary Items
  • Dank Costumes
  • Convenient Commands

             It's incredibly easy to reach max level in this server with the right method. This way, you can worry less about leveling up and focus more on farming gears as well as beating your opponents in WoE. Speaking of WoE, there is also a map that houses the castles during War of Emperium! These castles rotate an hour before WoE setting a particular theme for each WoE time. The WoE Core also gives  rewards based on your contribution to the War; rewards that can be redeemed for custom weapons, armors, and useables to aid you in future PvP endeavours!

             The PvE scene is simple yet exciting. The daily Pro Hunter quest rewards you a special currency for defeating the boss at the end of a specific instance which you can use to purchase end-game gear. Daily Quests on the other hand reward you zenny and special coupons for accomplishing tiered tasks. This is the bread and butter of GatheringRO's PvE scene and you will want to take part of it as much as possible! The World Bosses are also a big part of GatheringRO as every few hours, the server will announce that a boss has appeared in a specific map and that the whole server must band together to take down the boss. Defeating the boss will reward you with another unique currency that can be used to obtain costumes, niche gear, and more!

              Legendary items in this server aren't actually overpowered, they're rewarding. They require time, effort, and a good deal of materials to make; not to mention they look really good on your character. These items can also define certain builds of your character ranging from attack speed, HP/SP, or even movement speed builds! To find out what these legendary items do, visit GatheringRO!

              Speaking of things that look good on your character, the true endgame of this server are the costumes. If you wanna stomp some monsters or destroy players, you have to be dressed to kill. A lot of the costumes can be obtained just by playing the game and participating in the server's custom activities/events. The Cash Shop also has limited costumes that you may purchase (they don't contain any stats whatsoever) so you don't have to worry about any balance issues.

              GatheringRO also has commands such as @jump, @warp, @storage, and the most important one of all, @security. The @security command enables you to set another layer of well... security on your account. You can't drop, sell, or purchase any items without entering a passkey you designated! So, less worry on hackers  /heh

               Now I wish to tackle some issues in the server as no server is perfect /sob . GatheringRO is scarcely populated with a measly average of 25 people online at a time. The server is in great need of more players, and despite some reach-outs- to no avail. The server is expecting a big update soon to return magic users and unpopular classes back into the spotlight in order to create an environment with more variety. Do not expect a vote shop because our server's admin removed that because it felt so plastic to bribe people with vote points in exchange for a good review, therefore I'm doing this because I truly, and genuinely do love the server. If you come into the server expecting to scam people, turn away now because the GM will not hesitate to ban you despite the low population. Integrity and principle always came first for our admin, and it will stay that way.

               So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to be part of the rebuilding process of GatheringRO? Do you wish to be a part of a community that looks after each other? Do you desire to gather and be a part of something that can be new? If you seek it, visit GatheringRO's website:

               I hope to soon see some new faces there!  /kis