Started by knightmare, Jul 23, 2009, 01:51 AM

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Server's Stability-  Stability- 9/10 & Availability- 9/10

GagRO has little to no lag with tiny spikes of lag. Server is up all the time, the admin of the server does a very good job at hosting a stable/lagless server.

Community- 3/10

Friendliness- 10/10

Eventfulness- 10/10
Server has a lot of events. Many custom and automated events throughout the whole day. There are also quite a bit of events held by the GMs themselves. Events usually results in TCG, coupons or poring coins  which are acquired from events in order to exchange for other items such as headgears and etc. Overall the server provides enough events to accompany regular gameplay.

Game Master-
Friendliness- 10/10
GagRO's staff and GM team are very friendly. They take every report and issue seriously and with a huge amount of sincerity and kindness. They have a huge connection and good communication with the community.

Availability- 8/10
GMs are on most the time, simple as that. They use broadcast to ask other players if they have questions and etc.

Helpfulness- 8/10

the staff and GM team are friendly, when it comes to simple things they respond to you  One or two GMs has simple game mechanics to provide help for simple questions.

Gameplay- 9/10

This is the part of my review where it is going to be somewhat all the good/bad aspects of the server.
Economy- 8/10
economy. Prices on many items and equips are ridiculously high . Prices are all over the place. Zeny hard to get , because after thinking about the amount of time you need to spend grinding zeny to buy equips/cards, 

Class Balance- 5/10
This is a high score but, cause theres not much player it goes down for me.

Overall GagRO has a good staff where all of them know what they're doing. Server's stability is awesome with its lagless and stable host. the community needs to grow ,  Game play is very nice serious work was put on it. The staff is trying to get more people to play, hoping to stimulate the economy and bring in more competition for WoE. And I wish that'll happen anytime soon. Considering the server is good. A year ago it was at 60 population before it's closed i think.

im just a gamer but i hope more people join this server that would be more fun... see ya in game