Full Ragnarok Online.

Started by SnpGhost, May 12, 2012, 07:02 AM

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I've been in the FullRO for about 2 years and as of now the server is still good and probably will have a higher population. When I started playing the usual online players are like 50~70 but as time passed by the population incredibly raised to 180~230 usual online players. With that I was impressed on how the staffs do their job pretty well.

I've only noticed this past few weeks the server keeps on freezing and lag, according to the owner there were DDoS attackers keep on attacking the server, thankfully the freezes and lags were gone after the attacks.

It was dull and boring during the early days of this server since there were no challenge during that time, few and not that active players, didn't have a lot of PKs yet, etc. But just like what I've said earlier, more players are enthusiast playing on the server and it made me felt more challenge since many players are going stronger and doing PKs everywhere, my interest playing have been brought back.

With that, I give two thumbs up for the server owner and its staffs for doing such a great job. May they continue to gather players and improve the server more.

My rate for the server (today) is 9.1/10. /no1