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Started by Loveless, Dec 02, 2007, 08:55 PM

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After making my review about the current server I have been playing for 1 month, heRO, I was checking RMS forums and I found out that... There is no info about heRO in this section!

So I was wondering... Why not share with you all my thoughts about the server?

As I stated in my review, I joined heRO 1 month ago since I had some problems in my old server. I didn't liked the community there, the staff was awful and server was kind of abandoned in all ways...

Then I found info about heRO!

Trust me, I only played a ''custom'' server once, and I was kinda hesitant to join heRO because I didn't know if it would be Ragnarok or something far from the game.

I was amazed the first day and I continue being amazed now. Community is awesome, very friendly. I got some help from old players when I started, they were so nice and that help made me able to raise faster. The Staff Team is always there to help you, and what's more important, they listen to you and they really care about what you have to say. That is one of the things I most like from the server.

More things! English is the main language there, but we have players from all around the world. Main chat is alive! In my old server sometimes I felt like I was in single player mode... Events? I never went to an Event in my old server and here we have them almost daily. I worked very hard in my levels to get some good gear and be ready for ToH (Trials of Heroes) . That's a monthly event, and it's cool. I would explain it for you all but it's too long since it's an event most of the server do at the same time.

Don't dare to think that being a custom server, heRO ain't balanced at all! It's pure RO with some custom items, but they ain't unbalanced at all. And what's even better is that in this server, donations don't give advantage.

I really don't want to make this all long... I only started this post to share with you all what I think about heRO.

It's very fun to play in here, everything is great and I wish I had found this server before, instead of roaming around corrupted servers and such.

And well, hope you all come to try it. Don't miss the chance, you will have tons of fun! If you feel lost, or need help, just pm me in game. My ign is Loveless . If I am not on, you can always ask in main chat for help. I am sure someone will help you.

Cya in heRO!

P.D: I hope heRO players come here and do as I did!