Hoshi-Ragnarok review

Started by face.of.dusk, Nov 14, 2007, 02:24 PM

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I'm a new player of hoshi-ragnarok

The rates are 3/3/3 but there are lots of optional quests that make leveling/grinding easier. I'm trying to get more people to join because some of the features this server has I want to see...

The idea the admin has are really unique, I've never seen most of these in any other server. I think with such a creative admin this server will always be interesting, at least if it had players. I usually hate low rates, can't stand the grind, but for some reason it's fun here lol.

The community is still too small, but so far everyone is friendly. There is no guild competition yet because guilds aren't big enough to do anything but every now and then there are pvp sessions in town. (Everywhere is pk but no one really does so)

The donation shop doesn't seem inbalanced, its just got stuff like stat reset even tho theres one in game.

Leveling is very easy, when you first start, the quest npcs talk to you as you hunt, they'll give you titles and battle manuals to help you get through the boring levels faster. As for the later levels, I'm not so sure.

They haven't really changed anything that was default, they just added a ton of stuff on top. I guess that's good because I want to play ragnarok and not some deformed version of it. There seems to be a lot of competition promotion so that's always good.

The server is always online unless the admin is fixing something. There are lots of headgears but they don't have stats, they just make you look cool. They have a cool casino which give you nothing overpowered but just fun stuff like pet eggs and new headgears and some cards. there are suppose to be a few good cards but all I've gotten is crap lol.

I think this server is made by same person who made wafflero a few years ago, but I'm not sure. Does anyone else know?

Oh ya, I asked for @ii and @autoloot and @mi and all that stuff and the admin added it immediately. I think some people got mad at me cause I made him restart it while they were afking lol