FrostRO Endless Snow: Good premise, good people, bad customs

Started by Nick_, Nov 22, 2007, 05:24 PM

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When I first began playing FrostRO, I was happy with it. I mean, come on: free custom stuff (Novice Power 1+2) right off the bat? Not to mention that Taekwons and Star Gladiators got Champion skills. "Oh my god, I CAN ASURA STRIKE WITH MY FOOT! Totally awesome!"

I was happily leveling like a little newbie to the server should, having a good time, eventually reaching the Biolabs. This is where it started to go sour.

Max level people were camping out all over the 'center' most of the time, waiting to PK any poor nooblets who were unfortunate enough to cross their path. They all had giant dragon thingies (From Bleach, Hyourinmarus. /sigh) and giant golden swans. It was truly an eyesore to be killed by these guys, since these things came in all colors of the rainbow, each the perfect shade to make your eyes bleed.

Then there's the spawn rate. There are thousands of monsters on any given map at any given time due to the heavily modified spawn rate.

Well, just imagine a bunch of Kathryne's Jupitel Thundering you all at once, knocking you all the way across the map. I actually thought that was kind of nifty and was able to use it to my advantage after getting used to it.

Now, after I got finished afterwards, it was time to go equipment hunting. All of my stats were maxed out. Taking a visit to the mall, I found out EVERYTHING kRO had to offer (IE, pretty much everything not custom) was being sold. I spent hours there just buying gear that'd be a pain to get on other servers. Everything I could possibly want was right there in front of me. I was in heaven.

Then I found the first bad thing about the server:
They nerfed damage reduction cards. You know that Thara Frog card we've all grown to know and love? Well, now it only reduces 5%! How about Raydric? Only 7.5%. Deviling? Okay, now this is an outrage: 5% damage reduction while keeping the elemental damage increase at 50%. Maya cards have but a 5% chance at magic reflection as well, which is TERRIBLE.

I wondered how when I was defending myself from PKers how I was only able to do five or ten damage per strike. Well, guess what? All of our nice damage reduction requires a long, drawn out quest or donation to get one of those terrible looking Hyourinmarus, which gives you ungodly stat boosts that would make even the Ahura Mazda jealous. Whoops, second bad thing.

Or maybe they had the Ahura Mazda, I don't know. Anyway, I'll keep on playing. I don't need your stinking donation stuff to win!

Well, crap. Playing in MvP a little (MvP = PvP on this server, for whatever reason.) teaches me otherwise. Well then, looks like I'm a newbie/n00bie forever until I get it done.

Now, there's a gold room, so if there's a zeny requirement for a quest I can go in there. I kill some Dokebis(modified to drop 3 gold pieces) and then I notice people constantly warping away from me when I see them. After asking a few questions to the general public to confirm my suspicions, I discovered(confirmed) that they are bots. Yep, this server's got bot problems too! We've got Soul Linkers who carpet bomb the place with Lord of Vermillion (Oh yeah, Soul Linkers get High Wizard spells too.) with High Jump. Thankfully there's a No PK version of the gold room, pretty much the same thing, only you can't be killed.

After I get my zeny to do the quests, now I have to find other stuff. Like 'Black Flaming Heart'..

@whodrops Black Flaming Heart
Item is not dropped by mobs.
Nick: WTF is your problem FrostRO

Yep, this server's so customized that it's even got it's own customized quest ingredients, just to make it that much more painful in your quest for the godlike custom items. This practically destroyed the game for me. You had to do quests to get the ingredients for the quest you were already doing? What the Christ?

Well, I had a life and I wasn't about to devote it to gathering '100 Angel's Feather', '200 Valkyrie's Feather', '500 Mithril Coins' and '100000000 Black Dyestuffs' just to make some stupid black dragon dung to make some stupid Hyourinmaru. *

*This is an extreme exaggeration.

Events were somewhat frequent, so I had no problem with that. I had no problem with the GMs (One even admitted to me that she wouldn't use the customs/donator stuff on her legit characters, which was cool.) but it was the community that I had troubles with.

I heard this one a lot when getting repeat-killed: "It's a PK server, get over it, stupid n00b."

A bunch of 'pros' that have paid top dollar for the server (or have paid with their time) that are stuck up, are in an exclusive circlejerk and are just complete morons themselves flood the server. I suggested a non donation/non custom PvP/MvP room so us that didn't want to dedicate our lives to the server had a place to enjoy ourselves.

Shot down by the 'pros', the idea never saw the light of day.

Oh yeah, there's a custom class. It's a novel idea, but it's another Bleach ripoff: The Captain/Shinigami. It's donator only (D'OH!) and rightfully so: The Captain has EVERY SKILL IN THE GAME.

You read that right. EVERY SKILL IN THE BLOODY GAME.

Though there is a little balance to it, since they're all capped/as effective as their level 5 counterparts at max level. It isn't enough, though. I've never gotten the opprotunity to play one myself, since I'm poor, but everyone that doesn't have one hates them with a passion. Go figure.

The economy isn't too bad, I guess. Only thing is, people are selling the INGREDIENTS for the quests instead of the final product, which is odd, but I can live with it.

The pros of the server:
Good fun when it comes to leveling.
Interesting rates and max level.(waaaay up there.)
Convenient non-custom items.
TaeKwon gets Champ Skills, Soul Linker gets High Wizard skills.
Everything has four slots. Nifty.
Relatively cool GMs, not-so-corrupt..

The cons of the server:
Terrible after reaching max level.
Long, drawn out quests with more quests within them to get some ugly thing that gives you + 1 million to every stat, which is practically required to even have a slim chance at beating another player.
Captains. Every skill, donator only, super expensive.
Every non-custom item doesn't matter at all: your + 10 four slotted double explosive double bloody Guillotine doesn't mean crap to their + 10 'Amun Re Sword' quadruple superpowereddonationcard.
Nerfed useful cards. Why, FrostRO, why? Thara Frog's done nothing to you. D:
The community is 99.9% jerks who just want to kill you over and over and over and over and over and over again, until they make you quit.

If the server owner were to make a server EXACTLY like Endless Snow with extremely toned down custom items, I'd play it to death. The customs and the people using said customs ruin the experience, like throwing poop brown on the most beautiful painting in the world.

Forgo the custom ingredients, just use lots and lots of kRO ingredients instead of 'Black Flaming Valkyrie Poop' or whatever.

Happy Thanksgiving, hope this helps/entertains/informs. ^^


Haha well i'm a FrostRo player and a donator there and pretty aggresive in PVP.. but thats me it kills time and i dont play to much anymore :)

I do have a captain there aswell which i dont use anymore because well its too easy and there far to overpowered as you said they have every skill in game and i guess it was fun for a while but now i'm over using it.

The server favours Donators ofcourse like most donate servers out there and some of the customs are pretty crazy like my Death set gives me 23k Flee and Hit.. Heh

But yeah i do agree this server has alot of Up's and Down's.. If you have patient to do quests and like heaps of custom's then this server is for you but if you hate dying a heap of times while lvling and questing then i suggest you stay away from this server because you'll get pissed off pretty fast.

I suggest start off with a Soul Linker for questing and Killing, Esma on this server is way overpowered especially with High Wiz cards.. You could have like noob gear with 4 or 5 High Wiz Cards and do 999k Dmg on Donators etc, even if they have 99 Mdef, Just be careful of ppl with Frus cards it'll reflect right back at you but not to many have it.. I do so dont go near me :P

Overall the server is pretty fun I guess.. well it was long ago but now its going in the wrong direction, Frost does focus way to much on the weekly Donate items and it does make this server fairly unfair to most ppl excluding the donators like me.

I've pretty much done it all on this server.. best guild, pker etc and i'm pretty bored of it now.

Oh yeah i forgot to mention Hatred on this server is insane.. you'll die in a few hits even with 21mil HP.

Heh well if you join try not to get to upset.. but don't say I didnt warn you.