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Offline Hrist

ForsakenRO review
« on: Dec 07, 2008, 11:02 am »
Well, them damn boxes are too small for my review so I decided to take it here. First off, I've been playing this server for almost a year now, so make no mistake about it. The reason why I made this review is because I wanted to promote my server. To be honest, it is one of the only few High rates worth playing. Why? Here's why:

1. Donation items are there to help support the server, but the donation items aren't overpowered. You won't be seeing +100 to all stats, or +200 to strength items with [4] slots here. We got wings alright, but all of it gives +15% to walk speed, and it is not slotted. Other wings are event prizes, like PvP ladder and Vote Rewards. However, their effects doesn't stray much from the normal ones. The newest PvP ladder wings just gives +10% demi human resist, and 10% walk speed.

In addition to that, no we do NOT have megingjards but we do have Brisingamens. To balance everything out, there's +40 stat belts available via donation. There's also Mix belts, +20 to three stats each. Of course, the donation items aren't exclusive so hardworking players can surely have a go at it. Zeny economy is slightly overshadowed by the coupon economy (donation coupon), but I assure you, the economy is unbelievably stable. The only probable things that are overpriced right now are WOE castle drops, but that's the stuff of pro players. It is common sense that you can only obtain added power by taking it. Again, these WOE drops aren't overpowered. In fact, the vote rewards are just the same. An added slot to the backpack is made, with an additional +10 to all stats. The only downside to this item is, it cuts walk speed by 10%. And no, there's a separate PvP that doesn't allow donation items in. Non-donors can own any donor with the right strategy. The Elite Quest allows new people to receive an item set that allows them to be on par with the donors while they wait for their progress. Keep in mind that there are no donation weapons here that gives hax stats. Elite weapons that are part of elite quests are worth it.

You can donate for every card here except Thanatos. MVPs are buffed, but not hard to obtain. Constant MVPing really does pay off. Two to three MVP cards could automatically get you a piece of donation item, which is very nice for newcomers.

Donation takes less than 24 hours to process. Fast eh? Airmail is slower, of course.

2. Game Masters

The GM team is bound by a professional set of rules. One cannot abuse power, nor use their GM character aside from events. No, GMs do NOT have @item, nor they are allowed to PvP. Each GM has their own legit, and abuse to GM accounts could lead to permanent account and IP bans. They are required to have vast knowledge of RO, and they must speak legit English all the time. They answer everyone's questions, no matter how dumb it may be. They host events all the time, which gives in an additional flow of event coupons in the server. Event coupons could be exchanged for useful headgears. The game masters here are very friendly, and you'll immediately feel at home just by talking to them.

ForsakenRO also celebrates global traditions like Halloween and Christmas. The Admins and Staff always make sure that the players are enjoying themselves with the holiday-themed events. These events are the Admin's way of showing their appreciation for the people who continuously support the server. Game Masters hosts these events, and they do so without ever cheating on their players. Everyone gets a fair shot at it.

One more thing. This game DOES NOT tolerate racism. This game DOES NOT tolerate drama. With everyone here speaking English, you'll feel the instant urge to converse.

3. PvP

Well, what can I say? Its killed or be killed. It is no longer PvP if everyone just loved each other to death. People who cry "OMGLOL them donaterz hax" are probably the ones who doesn't have the patience to strive for their own characters. Donations are seriously easier to achieve here. Hunt a few monsters and sell yggs, and voila! Instant donation coupons. Expect to be ganged in every server's PvP room if all you can do is randomly attack someone. PvP is not for the faint hearted. Once you go through that door, it is ON. Survive or die. Thats what PvP is about. Now, it is up to you to play your politics to gain friends and allies. Make wrong decisions and you'll end up having the whole den of lions pounce on you like raw meat. Respect is earned, not given. People here are reasonable. If you're nice, then you're in. If you're a crybaby, then goodbye.

4. Community (300-400+ Online)

Overall, the community isn't so bad. Try to get to know people and you'll see that this game isn't so bad. To be honest, lazy asses are the ones who never succeed. Stretch your limits to your maximum and you'll eventually land to the top of your game.

As much as I'd love to say it all, I think I dislocated my fingers just typing this. To my beloved readers, please join ForsakenRO. You'll never regret it.

-Love, Hrist (1 year player of ForsakenRO).
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