Started by Jinxess, Jan 06, 2008, 10:08 AM

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So I searched this board and there were not any previous ForsakenRO review topics so I'll start one.

I've been playing for about almost 3 weeks and here's what I got from the server:
-Not balanced at all in PvP (GTB-galore; lots of sin-x's, and champions; donation orientated (i.e. they get large advantages over non-donators).
-@storage disabled in PvP rooms (Izlude1 and Izlude2)(this is a plus; players actually die; the donors might not but meh, other donors will get them in time).
-Abundant Ygg source that many PvP'ers use a lot (or so I've noticed in PvP).
-Moderate WoE guild competition.
-50% Carebears (which include the donors too)("OMG U KOS NOW HAV @ GUD DAY"; yeah, I couldn't care less but when people whine about getting attacked in PvP... I just can't stop giggling)

-Stable server (although I dislike the @warp feature; it now has a 3 second delay and when you warp you're not given a safe period to take in your new environment).
-100% accessibility for the three weeks I played with zero (0) lag.
-Custom home (Old Payon with a lot more added to it; custom bar, lounge, non-player characters, and mall (like every other server but hey))

-Most the time (I'd say 80-90% for the time I played) the GM's were active.
-Not really eventful for you eventlust players out there (I'm a PvP/WoE lover)
-PK server = fun even if we're brutal =P (it gets really fun in lhz_dun03 when I used to play during the afternoons xD!)
-I don't have a screenshot (I should of taken one but it didn't matter as much at the time) but when I was playing one day, the server admin had said something about "Thank you to those who have voted for us. As for the rest of you lazy people..." or somewhere around there; she/he was being aggressive with asking players to vote. No force, no rewards but very up front and aggressive-like; I didn't bother to vote after that)

-Hrmm, I didn't check much of the economy; I could get what I needed from the mall and from drops. I never really buy anything from venders (NOTE: This is my playing style, not how the server is with the exception of the mall being VERY helpful; I love their mall)

Please remember that this is not a bash or a praise but a review. I only include the emotions that go with acknowledging such items such as enjoyment of the PK server and PvP (at times when it was fun) and boringness (donors dominating PvP/WoE).

There's always going to be a bias so don't expect perfectness in every post of a review. I am honest with this post as any other.