FlexRO - An extended review.

Started by Eneru, Feb 14, 2024, 07:31 PM

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Ahoy there! When i wrote my review on FlexRO i had only played it for about 2 months... now the journey has been much longer since then and thought about sharing my experiences in this server  /pif

You can select any experience rates you want on your character upon creating it. You can select x1, x5, x10 or x20.
Drop rates are at a base x5 for everyone.

Yep, you can play normal mode, which is classic gameplay, nothing special there...
or you can play hardcore mode in which case you only will have ONE LIFE.
(hardcore mode is disabled once you reach 99 base)

There is no rebirth system in this server. ALL characters use transcended exp. tables, so it's initially a bit harder to level up but you can change from second job to transcended at level 90!
Also expanded classes, such as Taekwon and Ninja, have the HP/SP bonus as transcended and can use transcended only equipment such as Wool Scarf and Tidal Shoes!

So... why would you pick any other than normal mode and x20? It's the easier, right? Well, each rate and mode have different auras and rewards upon reaching 99! You could say it's all about Flexing!

I personally started as an assassin x1 hardcore and had the time of my life grinding out 99. It was truly an amazing experience i never had in decades of playing RO.

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Basic points covered...

Daily themes! Each day of the week has a theme to focus on.
For exemple, on mondays all card drops are increased x3 (so normal cards drop at 0.15% instead of 0.05%) and fridays exp rates increase by 75% and parties have little exp bonuses to get your friday night grind going!
This daily themes bring a lot of variety on what you'll be doing and focusing. There is always a card you'll be hunting on mondays or a boss you want to kill on tuesdays (MvP drops x2).

Events. Hourly automated events and seasonal events. We had amazing Halloween and Christmas events!

To be honest, there are a lot of more things i'd share and go into details, so instead of detailing each part, i'll sum them up the best i can and you can check more information if you want (or ask us in our Discord).

Flex Coins, PvP Coins and zeny sinks. Keeping alternative ways of earning some consumables or items.
Community. We are a few, had our ups and downs, but we had little to no drama in our server and everyone is friendly and welcoming.
Skills balance. Some skills have been rebalanced to bring more variety in the meta.
Staff. All GMs are easily approachable and easy to talk to, always open to feedback and suggestions!
Daily Quest and Scavenger Hunts and more. There are always things to do. If it's not hunting monsters, go make some headgears!
Newbie Freebies. When you start on the server you can choose some equipment for 30 days that will help you get started plus some consumables.

I'm missing a lot of details and things, but i encourage you to check the server and find out yourself!

To close up this post some personal thoughts overall.

I love this server, a lot. But still has room for improvement. In this matter, Flex (admin) is receiving lots of suggestions and feedback and is keeping up as much as he can.
We don't have Battlegrounds yet either, but it should be coming soonish, and PvP room is not as crowded as i would like (even though i'm not much of a PvP player myself).

Final disclaimer: I am currently a Support GM of FlexRO BUT i am still a player and it's as a player that i come here to write the review, because it's as a player that i wish more people find this hidden gem of a server and come join us to have a great time!