FlavusRO Review (2015)

Started by D•Dare•Devil, Sep 04, 2015, 06:06 AM

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First of all, I'm not so good at English (It's upto you to understand /heh). So the server is 1 week-old now so my observations & thoughts are now finally made.  /no1

•The Website & The Forum 10/10:

►Simple but attractive website, the designs can hook-up many players especially newcomers. Very clear information and easy to read the details about the server. Online Announcement & News are updated also.

•Community 7/10:

►Due to server is "Bottable", half or maybe 1/4 of active but even they are bot, they are still active in "Main Chat" so it's not boring to level especially in places that are ghosts (few players levellin`). Just as i said it's Bottable Server, a little close to pRO (Philippine RO). Take note ==> The Population is growing bigger.

•Admin & Staffs 8/10:

►Helpful staffs not only in game but also in forums. Very professional in their jobs and i salute to their main goal. to maintain the COMMUNITY BALANCE.

•Economy 8/10:

►Balanced & Small Economy (for now).It will bigger because the community population is getting bigger also. Just like pRO Days  /ho. The server are "no to donation"<--I'm happy this one is disabled, the main reason why i quit and got bored in other servers because of donation items.

•In-Game (NPC's) 10/10:

►The server disables Healer & Buffer NPC. So the Priest has special role in the community. The Job Quest is classic, starting with a First Job to Transcend Jobs. About Warpers /? Naahh~ they don't have that so you manually taking your route to level or hunt. In this, i feel classic and getting back to year 2000. /ho

•Overall 8/10:
►FlavusRO was unique and simple. Even though the server permits bot to enter, i feel that pRO Days came back. And not the bots are not the main reason why i'ts reaching to end. Hoping it will lasts till end--> BALANCE and CLASSIC:)