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Author Topic: Extreme RO Ragnarok Online  (Read 2168 times)

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Extreme RO Ragnarok Online
« on: May 09, 2012, 05:01 am »
i will give 10/10 for this server because this is suit for those who wan pvp..all u need is set ur eq and can start to pvp..

1)Card~all card u can buy at mall.U can choose wat ever the card u wan it and we doesnt need to hunt for it..

2)Equipment~all item u can get it from mall.It just this server no godly..so it nice no imba skill..

3)Quest~u can do quest to upgrade ur custom power and it is easy quest..it also got pretty custom and no alot of confusing custom..

4)Harmony game guard~i really like it because im not an expert of using hacking program..so it fair to all other..ppl use their own hard not depend by program he use..it also prevent hack,imba item,,so fun

5)Koe/War of Emperium~this most i like coz got may ppl invole in it.50+++ ppl join it everyday..and got alot guild to fight in war of emperium so it nice..

6)Friendly GM~if u have any problem against quest or nothing GM will help u as possible as they can..nice gm here