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Author Topic: ElysiaRO- an obituary  (Read 1896 times)

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ElysiaRO- an obituary
« on: Jul 08, 2018, 10:20 am »
well, oh well, elysiaRO

another one of those "started promising, ends.. not so good" servers.
anyway, first a RMS-style review (with commentary):

[Server Settings]
Renewal, has 3rd jobs with extended jobs
base/jobexp 10x (floating +dependant on online players)
droprate 8x (floating i presume +0.03x per online player)
aspd-mechanic altered to pre-re bacause some whiny players didn't want to actually WORK for their aspd

[Server Ratings]
Stability: 10/10: was always online except planned maintenance.
Availability 10/10: same answer as above.

[Community Ratings]
Friendlyness: 10/10: we are a small lil family, everyone knows and helps everyone.
Eventfullness: 5/10: event-'load' went down rapidly

[Game Master Ratings]
Friendliness: 10/10: he actually is friendly. or neutral. never seen him really pissed.
Availability: 8/10: RL work. so sometimes no immideate response, but overall ASAP.
Helpfulness: 10/10: when there was a problem beside custom-balancing, he fixed it ASAP.

[Game-Play Ratings]
Economy: 2/10: no real economy due too low players/eco-breaking ways to make zeny
Guild Competition: 0/10: WoE was disabled, so: what competition? wich has more people in it?
Class Balance: 10/10: official settings with official maxlvls/maxstats. no unintended rebalancing crap.

[Custom content]
- GIS system (get 5 more or less usefull skills from another 2nd class job. mostly useless skill like 'scream' lvl 3 or 'arrow vulkan' lvl 4)
- custom maintown "Elysia" (never seen it elsewhere, might be original)
- some upper/midheadger quest NPCs (mobkill counter for upper, 'bring a lot random stackables etc items' for midheadgears)
- some silvervine fruit quest (quite good idea, but lacks methods to get the items needed for that)
- some PUBG-style PvP system, needs some more tweaking to be fun. (gets boring after 3-4 matches)
- a quite basic mining system (needs tweaking or it gonna break the economy)
- MvP ladder (kill MvPs for points to buy... costumes. not worth the efford.)
- some more planned afaik

Donation level: pretty balanced (mostly consumables, no OP +1000 all stats crap). VIP isn't OP either: additional agi/bless when using the healer, more storage slots. that's all.
customation level: occasional, hence planned was way more.

[Overall Server Rating]
9/10 at the beginning.
4/10 now.


low server rating now? why? hm... lemme boil that down.

lazy admin killed his own server.

the first 4, 5 weeks when i started playing there were like 3-10 players online (usual ammount for a new server), with a few more players joining each week.
this was fine.
GM got us some neat updates/content/balancing changes/events every fews days.
this was also fine.

the (actually very few) customs aren't that bad, just not well thought through, real suggestions about making those more fun/more balanced were ignored for the sake of some halfbaked, lazy own ideas.
the homepage clearly states "tons of custom and official dungeons"
well, there's still a ton of the official missing (majority of the instances) and i haven't seen a single custom dungeon as well. okok, you can call it a 'custom' when you add some autoevent and customize it slightly. but... seriously?

i stated some suggestions in forums wich he seemed to like (thumbs up 'reaction' from him), so i kept on suggesting stuff what would be nice: custom changes, ideas, etc.
what a bloody waste of time: most wasn't really considered or even answered until you literally had s*** on his head in discord.
and even then, he implemented minor thins by the most disappointing way. example:
"oh, you want silvervine fruits by quest? here you are, you just need to grind 50 3-carat diamonds for one. and then 50 amethyst for one. and then 50 aquamarine for one. and so on..." all birthstones with a low droprate.
and of course a account-wide quest. not char-wide. because those fruits are so easy to get now.
then, because no real update that deserved to be called so was made for weeks, most players got bored and left again.
some custom features were added, but the idea behind em was the only good thing;
the convertion was sloppy and lazy executed, the value of most rewards were clearly overestimated by the GM, and some rewards would've ruined a potential economy huge time because things weren't calculated through.
don't get me wrong, when there was a 'small issue' that could be fixed within minutes, it got fixed quite fast. but everythign else? nothing.
why? well, first the GM told us he was busy with work. ok, i'm a grown adult myself and work too, i can understand that sometimes you have 1-3 very busy weeks. had that too.
but after insisting on an answer why there isn't even an answer to anything, work worth 5 minutes at the weekend, we got another reason:

this statement was in open discord channel after every last active player asked wtf is going on. it seems the GM clearly didn't get that you actually gotta work to make a successful server, like so many last couple of years.
just opening a rAthena, change some rates, add a bit of customs, set some FB-ads and then wait brings you nowhere.
we actually told him EXACTLY THAT a couple of times, almost once a week after some lazy update, but we barely got any (honest) response.

somehow, i can't really blame the GM for being demotivated fast, because with all those neat gimmicks we have nowadays instant gratification killed the patience of most people.
but if you can't deal with patience, running a server might not be the right hobby for ya.

with me leaving, this server will be deserted. i clearly cannot recommend a server when the admin gives up within a month because the playercount doesn't match his expectations.

for now, farewell, sandbox. it was fun- for a while.
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Re: ElysiaRO- an obituary
« Reply #1 on: Aug 19, 2018, 10:08 am »
We've seen this already.
Looking for: English/NA RO Server. 255/50 Pre-Renewal (Non-Kiel Based) Server OR Highly Custom 2nd Job Renewal Server. No Pay To Win.