ExcellenceRO(Reborn) Review

Started by silencely, Feb 29, 2016, 03:58 AM

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First Impression (Joined 25-12-2015)

It's empty, all vendings are extremely unnecessary, population of 20-40 (10 of them are autovending),no guild competition,.  /pif

Ingame Impression

Regardless the emptiness feeling I got, at least the people inside have been nice and helpful so far.
Also the more I explore deeper, the more I find many features interesting and complex. The server is so damn rich at customization such as:  custom drops, custom mechanics, custom headgear, custom card effects, custom instance, even custom enchants, race system, and weapon mastery.  /omg

One special note about whatsoever called weapon mastery, even the server is high rate which easy to level the base and job level, the levelling of weapon mastery can be considered as low-mid rate. I would personally put this server on mid rate instead after knowing this.

How about the management? GMs are constantly active, mostly available, and the most important, they are very open and versatile (so dedicated). Like for example in one case, I suggested the GM to revamp the effect of one weapon mastery, and just in the next day it's revamped just almost as I want. That means players can even participate in mechanics balancing and it's customization. I even interviewed the GM like why you do this and that. I got his answer, to sum up it's because Gravity was lazy xDdDdD.  /heh

Events? There are many automated events and GM's hosting but, I personally could careless of that.

Donation? Quite pricey, but the custom headgears and costumes's effect is just slightly lower than the donation ones. The custom headgear and costume requirements are really time consuming. Well, it's your choice whether you want to spend more time in game to get the custom headgear and costume or spend more time at your real-time job so you can just donate later.

From now on....

Nuff said. one of many that deserves more attention. I can only imagine good things when there's a guild competition in this server.  /ho