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everything about ragna0 lif


ragna0 server made by  admin called hades (fake account) want to know why it's fake ?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA8O745Mf80&t=3644s go to  1:00:47 and see
lai himself made everyone trust they are 2 persons
staff here  charge back one of theirs youtubers who made content for them for like 1 year and banned him after
they also deleted every message to hide theirs shame
since it's first zero server and have alot of updates it must be accurate right ? wrong here staff gives players bugged content almost most of the time
when server started there was around 1200 player online all the time after 3 months it went from 1200 to 10 players becuase of banning players without any Reason they just love to smash ban button because it's funny like how hades (fake account) himeslf said he love drama happening on this server
all CM members left the server to avoid mental illness from hades (fake account) who every 3 days thinking about wipe server like the last one
and get extra cash KEKW
played here long time and i can say it's waste of time i regret every second i spend here and endure Stupid donkey chinese dog
if you want to waste your time here go ahead but i say again IT'S NOT WORTH IT TO PLAY HERE better spend it in any other servers
i can say even classic servers is much fun than this server /heh

yeah, the content is not accurate. Just rushed to generate "hype".
has been doing this for years, brings in the newest content to be "first", no matter if it's buggy. The important thing is to attract people and their money.
i got fooled really hard.


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