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I would first like to say that the server and the website has gone through some major changes from when I first started so if your looking for a server check this one out and try it out.

Kippy Ragnarok Online Gerneral Infomation:Duel Xenos @ 2.27 GHZ with 2GB of RAM
Rates: 400x/400x/75x ( Floating Rates on Weekends)
Max Levels: 255/99
Max Stats: 255
Max ASPD: 193
Party Range: 50
Instant Cast: 170 Dex
Hair Styles: 43
Hair Dyes: 251
Cloths Palettes: 553

Stability [8/10]: The server hardly ever lags and when it does it only last for a few mins or so but hey what server doesn't lag. ;D

Availability [9/10]: KippyRO is on the majority online all the time, when it does go down Admin Flippy fixes the problem as soon as he gets to it. A bonus side to it is he tells us the reasons why it does go down through patcher updates. ;D ;D ;D

Friendliness [10/10]: Your eyes do not deceive, KippyRO is one of the friendliest servers I have played in. Not only is the community wonderful but some players help you get the items you may need and also help you figure out builds which in my opinion hardly anyone does. ;D ;D ;D

Events [8/10]: KippyRO provides automated events every hour, The rewards are not overpowered or under, They are what all rewards should be a way to help you get gear. A plus side is that after every WoE the Admin does special events. ;D ;D

Friendliness (Game Masters): [10/10]: In all the servers I have been on I believe that KippyROs GM Flippy is one of the friendliest guy I have ever met, he himself acts just like us players but knows right from wrong and executes authority properly. :D :D :D

Availability (Game Masters): [8/10]: Since the new look and improvement of KippyRO the GM is always on hand and ready to help. If it is an issue and or severe problem the best way to contact the GM is through Forum post or MSN. If he is not available it is usually due to the few or so changes he is trying to think of to make the server better. ;D

Helpfulness: [8/10] Everyone in the server helps no matter who he or she is. It is like a second nature for the players to help others and bring about friendliness. The Admin tries to acknowledge all players  problems one at a time. :D

Economy: [5/10]: Not enough people to barter, The server has a few times gone up and down from players but there are still those who believe in it and wish to help it grow. :D

Guild Competition [5/10]: Though there are not many guilds that are able to WoE, there are some guilds who decide to just go in it for Experience and better knowledge of WoE. :P

Donation Items [8/10]: KippyRO to me has the best donation items provided for the server. This server based donations fairly providing only +5 stats and that the only difference are that they are "Sprite Better". ;D

Website [10/10]: The website has gone through major changes so do not mind the few errors, it is thought out and very detailed. Not like the boring Forums and Control Panel only sites. A plus is that some players artworks are shown on the website. ;D ;D ;D

KippyRo started not so long ago and has about 20+ players on the daily. PvP is very balanced no class is stronger than another, there are cool and tedious quest that give some nice items that you can use. KippyRO has the best possibility of one day making it to the top, So why not stop by and give it out a try I promise you wont waste your time on it. So Lets Get Kippying~~
But don't take my word for it here are some others who have their input on it:


I played there, and my biggest problem was that the classes were not balanced at all. Paladins and Champs were nerfed so badly that they were barely playable and magic classes ruled at everything. I can't disagree on any of the other points you said, though.


Well Paladins and Champion have not been touch at all and from what I see they have much capable abilities to kill in PvP maybe your not an avid user of such classes? Yes its true that magic casters dominate but there are ways to kill them.


I am an extremely avid player of those two classes. They were modified greatly from what they should be able to do with what's in line with the rest of the server.


Heya and thanks for the review/feedback.

Even though you're extremely avid to those two classes, I have not modified anything regarding the classes. If you're saying this is unbalanced, then you're practically saying every other pserver out there has these two classes OP'd since we use all use the same source. So if you really think something's odd about them, please provide proof that they have been modified.



I dunno Shiled Chain Pallies can kill me pretty easily and sac me for finisher, Champs then I guess you have to watch my buddy Ryan play his champ Knives he has no problem killing casters in example casters that even have fbh.