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Started by Gotham, Mar 24, 2010, 04:56 PM

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Well guys i am bored and so i decided to write Review...I have played hell lot of Servers (7 years)
and have been playing Lumina ro since last 3 months and will be moving to another server soon..

I think the server is quite stable...But it lags like anything and also spiky

Well the server is almost up for 24/7  and if there is maintenence then its Quickly i give 10/10

Community Friendliness-6/10
Well the community is not that friendly.....You will find lots of bad guys then good guys and they speak in their own language for most of time in guild chats which is very annoying..People wont help new players and they dont even bother i give 6 out of 10

Community Eventfulness-7/10
Sometimes there is a blast with raining events and sometimes there is no events so i am giving average score i.e 7/10

Game master-8/10
Friendliness-Game master's are friendly but their response is always cut 2 points for slow response..
Availability-Gms are available for most of the times...and are very helpful.

Economy is pretty bad i think....People selling stuffs is more than the people buying so prices are pretty strange...the prices for some good stuffs are very very low..also the prices for one item is 2 mil here and 50m there..

Guild Competition-9/10
Guild competition is very good with lots of pros all round...It was a blast to play woe in lumina .....i am cutting 1 point because its sometimes laggy during woe..

All in all its a good server and can be a lot better- I found it hard to get hold of Mvp monsters..the players are pretty much established with great equips (+10s)....Same goes for guilds ie pretty much established..
Please dont start as it was an honest review
also if u guys want me to review some other server then please tell me i will review it for ya...and i am planning to try out Twitter-ro as it looks fresh and good will review it for ya in a month..
thank you


Hi Gotham!

I'll make a comment about a few stuff you wrote.
Sorry if I take long to answer xD Most of times I'm alt tabbed working on the background, like scripting. So when I alt tab back I answer all the stuff. Anyway, if it takes too long, try posting your doubt on forum or emailing to [email protected]. Works too :)

About the lags, I'm aware. It has been lagging lately because population grew a lot. I already contacted the host company and we are scheduling a maintenance. There is a post on forums under announcements about that. 

Concerning community, its kinda normal, but there are jerks in any place but I guess you just need to meet the right people :)

About the rest I pretty much agree lik economy being weird. Two people sell the same item for completely different prices, lol. But I sincerely dont know why that happens. Maybe some people overprice just to get more zeny incase someone that doesnt know the right price buys it. Not sure =x

Anyway, thanks for your review!
Hope you had a lot of fun :)


Its good that u guys are working to minimize lag...and yes i dont have any complains or regret of playing lumina-ro as i had great time....and thats exatly why i keeping playing ragnarok...
common guys suggest me some server which u want me to review...
@ at the moment i am playing twitter-ro to review it which took me by suprise as i wans't expecting this newly started ro to be that great...but i will update the review after 15 or 25 days....