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EssenceRO Review
« on: Dec 12, 2008, 02:03 pm »
Okay, this is what i know of essenceRO in 1 year or so of playing (though not active through all the time). Just reply if you find something wrong.


Stability: 8/10; it has very few crashes, but not important. really.
Avaibility: 9/10; the server has rare downtimes, which are usually caused by connection problems and/or manteniance.

Game Masters:
I don't really give a damn about them. They're not so important to me D:
i never had problems of any kind that i couldn't fix myself. However, here's the review.

Friendliness: 9/10
Avaibility: 8/10
Helpfulness: 10/10

Friendliness: 9/10; most people are nice to me, they lend their equips and help people level or gear up, but of course, every server has his own retarded and unfriendly part of community. But they're very few, believe me D:

Eventfulness: X; i don't care about events, i just skip them :P

Economy: 8/10; Most prices are right, item dropped by mobs are worth less than normal. Though you can get money preety easily and with no problems. Rare items are strongly overpriced (200-300m for Ice Pick)

Class Balance:
WOE Balance: 10/10; every class has his usefulness and no one is really overpowered.

PVP Balance: 6/10; Champ, WS and pally basically own pvp arenas, usually supported by priests or soul linkers. People in PVP tend to Party up and gang people. it sucks. Most of the time you only chit chat around there though.

Guild Competition: 9/10; eRO's Woes are really fun. There's 1 guild pwning all the others, but they're not impossible to take on though. If your guild has nice alliances and teamwork, you can win stronger guilds. (I had experience myself. (Mine, considered as a weak guild, managed to break one of the strongest guild's Emperium.)WoEs are FUN!


And now we start with the personal review.

I didn't like the server from the beginning. Since it's a long term server, item drop rates have been reduced by half, and some items even by 10 times (lich wand drops from 10% chance to 1%), MVP and miniboss card droprates have been lowered to 10x (instead of the standard 50x), so only lucky/nerd people could get them. And, the major custom to MVPs!

They all have over 19 millions of HP, and it takes long sometimes to take em down (my sniper took a 20m HP mvp in around 20 mins). They're strong and partying up is compulsory. It's quite fun though, to see your 5k arrow crits damage or 10k crit with star gladiators. haha. Some mvps have increased or decreased ATK and Stats, and they ALL have skills like Kaupe and Snap (to avoid soloing with sniper/wizard or champion). And they heal for 100k hp every second if left without a target (though they do this only if someone is in their sight range), they heal so fast no one can solo em, unless he doubleclients.
But they all have INCREASED drop chances of all items, (Ballista and Ancient Cape is 100% from Dracula)
And most of em drop other items not related to the original MVPs (Mistress drops Crest of the rider [1] at 50% chance). You can also farm MVPs and their cards with an abracadabra team.

This is not a bad thing though.

Custom items are very cool and balanced here in eRO, though can really be boring or time consuming to make.

Wings use the most rare and expensive items in the server (from 20m to 300m per item) as Quest Requirements. Let's make an example. Frozen Wings, (+3 int, +15% Matk) have as requirement a garm baby card, which only drops from Garm Babies at a 0.1% chance, which can block you for MONTHS. D:

Valkyrie Helms.
Valk helms quest suck and they're boring. there are 8 different kinds of valk helm, all with different stats and bonuses, but they all have 1 def and a slot. You have to hunt something like, 2400 Porcellios to get the 400 fluorescent liquids (15% chance of dropping) needed to complete 10 Valkyrie frags (which you need to make a helm.). or maybe you go for the flower hunt quest...
30 Izidors are needed for a Valk frag, and you need to hunt Rybios (15% chance) or Harpies (10% chance) which is, in my opinion, worse than hunting 2500 porcellios. Nuff said.

Quests are Boring, repetitive and time consuming. they DO give very nice prizes if you do them, but you mostly have to interrupt what you're doing every half an hour or so.

ahh, the good old Survival Arena.

It opens for 5 minutes per day and has 3 modes.

Easy, for levels > 100
Hard, for levels > 170
Extreme for Level 170 only.
Time Attack for levels between 150 and 170

Easy and Extreme are incredibly easy, while hard mode spaces from lv100 to level 170.. uhh. you find tons of newbies here. Easy is like.. no difficulty at all..and Extreme, well.. only strong people go there so they all know how to play correctly in 95% of cases. Time Attack is not fun and it gives the same rewards as Hard mode.

I don't really know about other minigames.

There's still so much to say, i'm tired of writing. I'll complete this review another time with PVP, WOE and Community sections x_x

I hope it gave you an idea of the server though, good luck if you're willing to play!