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Author Topic: EssenceRO Review  (Read 2134 times)

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EssenceRO Review
« on: Jun 17, 2020, 02:44 pm »

I wanted to give my honest review of a server that me and a group of my friends joined.

This is our 2nd server!!! But first time we moved. We were worried and we were invited by an old mentor to me who plays on EssenceRO  /no1

With all new servers, its hard for new people to move ahead. But we found alot of helping with there mainchat and help chat. There is also a GM who sits in town answering questions. I think that was new and great.

If you ask some people would help you level. I also find it pretty cool that they have a guide and a wiki and a website. It different  /heh

I like that they have draft woe and regular woe. I played on a cool guild with alot of nice people. I think they are call god war (sorry if I spell it wrong  /wah)

The main website looks awesome. The forums are super tamed and I enjoy joking in their discord.

My friends and I finally have enough with to get the guild package which is better than the last server we were on. That is good too.

The only complaint I would say is that I need people for my guild so we can win woe  /heh jk. We just started but we are enjoying our time so far!!

I hope you guys dont mind me sharing screenshots (so you can join our guild  /gg)

And that is the end of my review. I hope I gave some feedback on my experience. It has been very positive for me and my friends. I feel good to know that the server doesn't do corrupt things and that there are actual players talking on mainchat and actually woe and also there is pvp on mvp maps, that is pretty cool too.

I would recommend this server to anyone, I think the admin really cares and there team cares too.

Thank you for reading my review. sorry for the errors!