epicRO Rebirth 4.0

Started by Aang, Jul 28, 2017, 05:12 PM

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I always enjoyed playing ragnarok but the mere fact of having vip system and cash shop system made me shy away from the original server and most MMORPGS. Thing is, even most private servers use the same flawed system(not just IRO). Today, the mere fact of having greedy cash shops are taken for granted in most games. They even want to add microtransactions on single player modded games like Skyrim and Fallout!

But enough of this. There is some hope and decency. I presented you: epicRO Rebirth 4.0. A TRUE free-to-play private server.

Global Rates:    3x Base | 3x Job | 3x Quest | 3x Item | 3x Card
Boss Rates:    3x Base | 3x Job | 3x Item | 1x Card
MVP Extra Drop Rate:    1x Item | 1x Card

Server Stability:
Server stability is pretty decent. Had no problem whatsoever.

Server Availability:
24/7 availability. 10/10

Most players are indeed helpful. They care about your concerns and will try to answer your questions even if you are a newbie. 9/10

Constant Auto-Start Event. Custom Quest Board. 8/10

Game Master Ratings:
They are mostly offline but when they are online 10/10 so I give 9/10

Good points:
Just the mere fact of being a TRUE free-to-play server deserve this spot. really. There is no donation items or cash shop.
The true meaning of free-to-play. You can donate and you should but only to support the server. You don't get op gear or get ahead of most players by donating like some shady and scamming servers who claim they have a balanced farming/donation system - (ForsakenRO for example). 10/10

Bad points:
They need to improve theirs events and content.
Many but not all are German only speakers so it might take a while to bump into somebody who speaks English.
The only downside for me really are the drop rates which are VERY LOW, I wish they where a mid-low server. It would the perfect.
You can literally spend days just grinding cards and gears. But this is a bonus for some, who knows? 8/10

Pretty decent vote-for-points system for op gears. You can get through voting or participating at events. No hidden fees, people. 10/10

Bot Protection: Gepard Shield and no bots. Nice. 9/10

Guild Competition:
Err. I can't comment since I spend most my time trying to get op cards.

Class Balance:
Classes are pretty much balanced like classic IRO. Champs, Snipers and Assassins rules.

Closing Notes:
- Nostalgic feel
- Beautiful server
- Friendly Staff and Players
- REALLY Free-To-Play
- Multi Client
- Easy to Install and Lag-Free
- Many more