epic win RO

Started by smokingspaceman, Dec 30, 2007, 05:17 AM

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I joined this server ..and i went to prtfild08 for leveling my novice wen a gunslinger warped there and killed me...thats the time i came to know it was a pk server..
well newaiz i continued with my novice and became a wiz and wen i met the gunslinger in town .. i told him its not great to kill a novice...he kills me with death note ( which i came to know about later and can be obtained thru events..)..then while i was leveling he came there and blessed me ..it gave me 100 dex and 100 int which i knew as GM blessing so i thought he was a GM and told him the same..he told i accused him of being a GM and told me abt the @who3 command and the death note...then i left that and started talking abt the custom items and he told me to talking sense within 35secs or kill me again..-_-..and he did so...when i told him i got screenshot of it and gonna report...he told they(as in the server)didnt need pple like me and also told he had 59000 more death notes..^^...well not really telling u not to join the server or nething its just wat i encountered....


Ok, so why are you acting like this is bad?
This is what a PK server is like.
By the way, the screen shots are too small.


I guess he could be talking about the

Quotehe told they(as in the server)didnt need pple like me

Even if it is a PK server, its silly when someone has like 59,000 of those death notes. It becomes a 'I can type faster than you and therefore, i PWN' server
Boo. Scared yet? o_o