EngageRO (ERO) Review

Started by godly, Nov 19, 2014, 12:33 AM

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   Well, I've been playing EngageRO for about 4 weeks now and I can say that this server is fairly the best Super High Rates I've played in a while given that it's very well balanced with its classes and quests, very competitive specially during woe, and the quests are very entertaining, not to mention the very entertaining PvP. /ok  /lv  /no1  /gg

   EngageRO has a base level cap of 255 and job level cap of 120, although leveling up doesn't take up much time, usually 20~30 minutes, it still has the essence of a low rates when it comes to MVP hunting and questing.  The server keeps on growing slowly since it's very new in the Ragnarok Online community (4~5 weeks old), but I'd sure love to see new players increase the competition we already have in hunting.

   EngageRO has a very nice donation system, the reason why is because you can actually farm the item "PoD" (Proof of Donation) which is the required "currency" to buy donation items and headgear. I must say donation items don't give much of an advantage since some quests items have similar effects, but it is very fun to farm Proof of Donations because the ERO MVPs (custom MVPs which drop PoD at an understanding 5% chance) are fairly hard to take on.  The server is limited to 2 trans jobs, meaning there's no 3rd jobs.  I believe most old Ragnarok Online players prefer to play with trans jobs rather than 3rd ( I know I do). 

   Well the community is fairly nice and competitive so that gives the server a spark and excitement.  I hope some of you would check it out.  Look me up in game: IGN- Google.

                    Have a nice day.