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Started by monkthedude, May 01, 2021, 02:32 PM

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So I have been playing on this server for a while now more than six months now and it has been great.It is a renewal high rate with 255 base 120 job 200 max stat 195 max aspd server. The GM's are readily adding new updates almost every week keeping up with the official server items, well almost at-least.But the custom enchantments, quests and the balancing are the highlights of the server.

Think one expert archer 10 is strong? Imagine 40 of them!!! /omg /omg

What? /?How 40 Expert archer 10? Because one in all slots of all equipment added via the custom enchanter npc. /hmm You don't even have to donate to get these you can just farm for them. All classes/ builds can get enchants that boost their stats like fighting spirit 10 or after cast delay or more.You have to grind to get to that level because the higher the enchant level the higher the cost of it. I would say it takes about 100 - 200 hrs to make a maxed out character depending upon your game knowledge and class selection.

Almost all donation items in the cash shop can be obtained through quests and you have to fight for it in woe. /lv Damage is nerfed in woe because of the custom enchants along with some cards to create a fair play among the players. /no1
Also if pvp is not your thing and you just want to farm? /swt They got you covered as well. You can farm cash points for the cash shop in a hard monster room. The monsters are hard to kill even with max damage enchants proving difficult for max players even.

Some other nice features they have are the costume box you can hunt for using which you can customize your character without spending money to look better than most players. Almost all shadow gears could be obtained via shadow boxes. Headgear boxes  and weapon boxes give you a way to get strong weapons with the help of luck..All of these could be farmed BTW.Having trouble farming to max level with priest? just level up with a Ranger and change into a priest.It's that easy. /gg

The server has been steadily growing and it will be nice if there are more people to enjoy.