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Started by krazynuts99, Aug 29, 2022, 04:43 PM

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An honest review about the Fractured Realm from a player who played for almost 6 months

I'll be talking about 3 major things I think needed to be tackled about. Also sorry for my poor english

Let's start first with the gameplay the whole server itself.
I will rate this for 7/10. I love the game but there's a catch why I only rate it 7 instead of a perfect one. I love how dev managed to merge
the gameplay of the 3 of my favorite games. Ragnarok Online, Diablo Series and Path of Exile. This thing make the server unique than other servers out there.
These make MMORPG players become more MMORPG players, the experience is awesome. Specially when he customized some of Ragnarok dungeons making it challenging.
Especially the red portals that serves as the players farming area. Now let's talk why I give it 7 out of 10. First the balancing issue. Most skills are OP
others are plain good. Here's the worst part he nerf skills and items not because it was OP, it is because of BIAS. We noticed that he only nerfs skills and
items that the player he helps are done being used. Example Player A is the one he helps he spam Kunai Splash. It was OP and lots of players starts spamming it.
Steve only nerfs it after Player A was done using it and not when the skills are too OP. Player A shift to magical skills and start to spam comet. As the
Kunai Splash starting to lost its fame. Other players start to find another build and somehow find comet was OP too and again it happened again. Player A
find another build then the dev nerfed it after Player A found a new build and not when it is still OP. What was hapening was the dev only nerfs the something
after player A stopped abusing it and not because lots of player are getting benefits of its OPness. Also the AHK and bot using was very controversial. I admit
I used AHK because the game is mainly PVE and not PVP so farming is the only thing you will do and only farming. It will take you months to get max cap level
and getting the best equipment so if you play manually your hands will get sore since it's kinda pure farming and spamming skills. So lots of player begin to
use AHK. The dev noticed it and starts jailing/banning players. I got jailed once for 24 hours. My guild mates got jailed too and other players from other guild.
But.... BUT Player A and friends didn't got banned nor jailed and we're pretty sure they used AHK too since we have proof. While we AFK farming we are recording the screen.
But the dev ignored them and only ban/jail players that Player A didn't like. So to make it short. Dev protects Player A and his friends.

Let's no go with Player count aka the player peak.
I started the game with 52 player peak, I quit the game after 6 months with still 52 player peak. I can give 3 major reasons. First is lack of advertisement
the dev doesn't advertise the game. I told him before "Hey (Dev's name), I will help you advertise the game for free, just give me to full server info and some
photos that will make the players think and get curious to play the game. He just ignored it. Second is lack of event, players suggested that the dev make
a Like and Share event so it will be a great advertisement so more players will play, again the dev ignored it. Lastly, there's no live streamer. There was 2 or 3
streamer that joined the game and asked the dev if they can apply as a official live streamer or maybe a ordinary live streamer. They are just asking for
a streamer gui/background/backdrop or whatever it is called(I forgot lol) and some in-game benefits. Again for the last time dev ignored them. So the game has
no advertisers/advertisement, no events(except for two auto-event poring bomb and mob hunt) and lastly there's no live streamer that can help advertise the game.

Now for the finale, let's talk about the DEVELOPER himself
The developer is pretty biased. He hates the potential of someone becomes more stronger than Player A, he only wants Player A will be and only be the strongest
player in his game. He keeps nerfing items, skills, options, basically everything that Player A is not using. Also the dev hates newbies. He hates when we help
newbies and make events for newbies because he hates when there's a potential that a newbie will become stronger than Player A in the future. We post some of our
gameplay before showing we kill MVPs and how we finish dungeons. A few hours later.. BOOM dev nerfed the skill we are using because Player A is not using it.
So yeah Dev loves Player A and hates other players.

That's all thanks for reading....


Thanks for sharing your experience.  Have been hearing about Fractured Realm and seeing it is one of the few rare RP servers, I can feel a lot of effort are put into development.

The whole "player A" thing is kind of unexpected to hear.  Not trying to start any speculation but that sounded very strange...


Well, one of the reason why the dev's doing that to "Player A" is because Player A is the top donator in the server. Also based on some players, including those OG player who stopped playing. Player A and the dev know each other for a long time now.


I played on this server too and quitted, I'm agreeing about Developer's Biased about that Player A. he always nerf skills without prior notice it's like a surprise gift that BOOM your Main skill got nerf because someone tell him it's OP. and one more time when he sees a Abuser or Toxic player he's scared of banning them because he lack of "players". Mostly he don't listen to the suggestion or feedback of other player besides of that Player A. Player A's opinion will always the criteria of the server. Even basic request from other players, example of removing the storage restrictions of some items because it's eating the space of inventory but it left unheard. Server is good but at bad management. he's scared of losing players even that player is toxic or cheating.