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Started by CosmicDoggo, Aug 20, 2022, 10:56 AM

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I took a look around and saw no reviews in the forum for this server, I guess I'll (try to) do it  /heh.

Ease of use and Stability
The server has both a wiki, which lists all classes and their skills, and a control panel site where you can see who's online and access the item/monster database. The second also serves as a registration site and download site. Some things are missing from both sites or need an update. Overall they are still in a "work in progress" state but both the admin and the players try to regularly update and correct it. New players may need some help ( usually provided by the admin/older players ).
The server is very stable. I play from the EU region and get no lag at all; maintenance is fast ( like minutes ) and I have yet to see the server going offline without reason.

Community and Economy
The community is pretty small, with an average of 13-15 players ( 5-6 merchants ) so there's still no real economy sistem. The majority of the population is comprised of very old players so it's kinda hard for new players to sell them anything because they don't need anything/ can easily hunt what they need; the best a new player can do is hunt refining/crafting materials or invest into a farming character and start saving up.
While very small, the community is helpful towards newcomers ( i must have asked more than 100 questions in the first week and was helped through and through ); there a couple of people which are ( or at least sounds and act ) somewhat snobbish/elitist but nothing too extreme. Overall is a pretty chill and fun community.

Gameplay and Balance
There are lot of custom classes which are pretty lore friendly. Some adjustments were made to numbers  /heh ( Hp/defence/damage, both on the player side and monster side ) to make the experience smoother. The power ceiling of character is higher than that of the "vanilla system"; endgame equipments are very strong and the complex rune system ( that takes the place of "shadow gears" ) allows for an high level of customization.
It's somewhat hard to judge the balance level. There are classes that are completely neglected and not used simply because others are much better and easier to use. Even if the system is pre-RE, some classes ( when properly geared ) are perfectly fine soloing even MVPs like Ifrit or Satan Morroc without needing support/party at all. Others are strong enough to clear most of the content with very basic equipment. Overall, classes are not perfectly balanced ( insert Thanos reference ) and there's still much work to do in that department.
There are some QoL like autoloot, daily rewards ( stay logged in for 1 minute, get points to spend, buffs and items) an healing fountain and even the inn. I personally love the treasure chest system, really encourages the player to explore and find treasures all over the map.

Final Words
If you are looking for a good customized low rate server this one is a good choice. Older players will find it easy to adapt  to the new systems and new players will certainly have a smoother experience than vanilla RO. This review is "ongoing", which means that I will keep it updated if anything relevant changes or my opinion/experience becomes very different from the one I've just described.

EDIT: No more playing at the moment, no intention on upgrading the review for now.